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Favorite Movie Theaters in Collin County: Readers’ Choice

I 100% love a good personal recommendation. It’s so much better than my usual desperate Google searching (see: me last weekend, with 10 tabs open, trying to figure out the best spot for a family camping trip). Basically, I love when people who know what’s good are willing to share with the class!

Whitney had the great idea of doing a little light polling about our favorite local hot spots, so we can all benefit from the experiences of the CCMB community. It takes a village…to figure out the best kid-friendly happy hour spot, ya know?

Welcome to our new series focused on recommendations by and for Collin County moms. We’ll do a different theme every month. First up: MOVIE THEATERS. Get the scoop on where readers like to go for date night, girls’ night, or a family movie afternoon. 

Cinemark Theaters all around Collin County are your preferred theaters when it comes to affordable date nights and family outings.

best movie theater mckinneyCinemark 14 in McKinney and Cinemark Legacy were both noted to be better priced than other theaters in the neighborhood (looking at you, iPic). The Legacy theater also boasts an XD auditorium, which I gather means HD picture quality times 35 trillion.

Cinemark 10 Plano is the dollar theater! Ticket prices range from $1.25 to $3.25 and they even have 3D showings. Definitely keep this spot in mind for cheap and easy summer movie outings. Reader (and CCMB contributor) Vanessa Sias likes it as a last-chance option to see any movies her family missed on first release. No reserved seating or fancy recliners, but you knew that.

Cinemark Allen 16 is pretty deluxe – they’ve got the XD screens, luxury loungers, and reserved seating. But y’all are most into their kids theater, a uniquely designed, kid-friendly auditorium. They’ll host Camp Cinemark there this summer. 

Notable extras: Cinemark 14 McKinney and Cinemark 10 Plano offer Summer Movie Clubhouse, 10 weeks of kid-friendly movies. You can purchase tickets for $1 on the day of OR pay $5 for a punch card that gets you into all 10 shows. Check the link for additional Cinemark Theaters offering Summer Movie Clubhouse.

best collin county movie theaterStudio Movie Grill is always going to be up there as a date night or family-friendly recommendation; it’s your one-stop shop for dinner, drinks, and a movie. Check Groupon for discounts!

Notable extras: Special Needs ScreeningsChildren’s Summer Series with $1 tickets, and SMG Classics Family Favorites.

Date night tip! Reader (and CCMB contributor) Sarah Bergman shared her secret about the Park & Preston Studio Movie Grill – Adventure Kids Playcare is right around the corner, so you can drop off the kids before your date. Done and done.

B&B Theatres Wylie 12 came up multiple times, so it’s definitely a fave for readers in the area. This is one of those combo theaters with different ticket price points – choose from reserved recliner seats with table service or traditional seating with concession stand fare.

Notable extras: Retro Nights with reduced ticket prices on beloved classics, Sensory Friendly showtimes, and a Kid Summer Series with $3 admission on select dates/shows.

drive-in movie theater Coyote Drive-In in Lewisville is easy to forget because it’s not your typical multiplex, but it’s worth a trip for the unique experience of a drive in near Collin County. They show double features on each screen every night, with a 10-minute intermission between shows. Sound is broadcast through your car radio on an FM frequency. The Coyote Canteen has a pretty big menu with all the usual classic movie snacks, plus scratch-made pizza, burgers, hot dogs, tacos, and more.

Be sure to check out the FAQ so you’ll know everything before you go.

best movie theater mckinneyAnd your favorite movie theater in Collin County?

Movie House and Eatery on 121 in McKinney takes the top spot as your most-beloved, most-recommended theater. They’ve combined all the best parts of today’s movie theaters – service at your seat, a full menu, adult beverages, and cool special events.

Notable extras: Y’all love their comfortable seats, Mommy Mondays, and Summer Kids Camp with FREE family-friendly movies (arrive 20-30 minutes early for a ticket). Check out the Deal Days page for more details on Mommy Mondays and other discount opportunities.

Have any favorite movie theaters in Collin County that aren’t on the list? Please share in the comments!

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