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What Teachers Are Really Thinking at the End of the School Year

The last few weeks of the school year are taxing for teachers. Endless paperwork, organizing, taking inventory, cleaning, meetings, testing, and creative planning (try keeping a classroom of kiddos who are hungry for summer on-task and engaged – it’s the biggest challenge of the year) can be completely draining. We search diligently for that missing […]

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summer mom vs. school year mom

Summer Mom vs. School Year Mom

I’ve slowly been making the transition from “Summer Mom,” the fun, relaxed version of myself, to “School Year Mom,” the responsible, routine-oriented version, and it’s been a big change. I have two kids that have to get ready to go back to school, and I’m afraid I should have started earlier because they are having […]

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Tips for Summer Fun On a Budget

It’s no secret that my family lives on a pretty strict budget. We are young, still getting established, and just working through these years of living on little! When it comes to summer, I’ve got a few helpful tips on how to have just as much fun as everyone else, while still pinching all the […]

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