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5 Things To Do Before Having Your Baby

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and the countdown has begun. Who am I kidding; I’ve been counting down since week 30. Being pregnant in this summer Texas heat is no joke! I’ve been trying to use these bursts of nesting energy to get lots of things done so that I feel prepared when our baby comes. […]

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Surviving a House Flood

We all have those moments in their life when everything seems perfect. Everyone is healthy, happy, and home life is great. But then somehow life knows how to throw you a curve ball to keep you on your toes. This was me a few months ago—we were on our family cruise and as soon as […]

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Scratch the 7-Year Itch—And Keep the Spark Alive in Your Marriage

The seven-year itch is a psychological term that suggests that happiness in a relationship declines after around year seven of a marriage.  Source: Wikipedia  On the eve of my seventh wedding anniversary, after a long, exhausting fight, I lie in bed pondering my relationship with my husband up to this point.  Seven years.  Will there […]

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How to Find Inner Peace When LIFE Throws You a Curve Ball

              “Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would…likely be worth it.” – Harvey MacKay Finding inner peace through some of life’s “curve balls” that WILL be thrown at you can be quite difficult to navigate. Life has its own sense of “humor.” When good things happen, everyone is happy; when things do not go […]

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How to Survive Pregnancy with a Toddler

My first pregnancy was a dream. I barely had any symptoms, I gained exactly the right amount of weight throughout, and everyone waited on me hand and foot. It was magical. This second pregnancy has been…something else. I’ve had all the symptoms, I’ve gained all the weight, and everyone is too busy trying to stop […]

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Why I’m a Good Mom but a Bad Parent

The other day I was cleaning out my purse, and at the very bottom found a bunch of dollar bills. Instead of keeping them for when I needed cash in my purse, I split them between my two kid’s piggy banks. My toddler doesn’t know the difference, but I made sure to let my older […]

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Notes From a Traveling Mom

A letter to my daughter for when she misses me—from a traveling mom My dear daughter, You are only four right now, and will not remember the times that Mommy was there for you when you were a baby, but as you get older, I’m sure you will remember the times that Mommy was not […]

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