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Best Parks for Toddlers in Collin County

Of the many, many things I never thought I’d have an opinion about before becoming a parent, a passion for the best toddler parks might top the list. I’m not much of an outdoorsy girl—more of a couch-under-a-blanket kinda girl, actually. But then I had a wild, energetic toddler boy, and snuggling on the couch […]

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A Collin County Mom’s Guide to the Month of April

I can’t believe it’s already {insert literally any month}. But seriously, it’s April?! Just like that, the trees are bursting with flowers everywhere I look, and it’s delightful. April is for dining al fresco, strolling the town square, and sitting on the porch without fear of mosquito bites. But that’s not all April is good for—we’ve […]

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A Collin County Mom’s Guide to the Month of March

Happy March, happy Spring! I’m actually looking forward to doing a little spring cleaning, if you can believe it. Mostly when I think of spring cleaning, I think of taking your rugs outside and beating the dust out of them. Have you ever actually tried that? Rugs are SO UNWIELDY. Unless you have a strong […]

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A Collin County Mom’s Guide to the Month of February

February, here we come. My four-year-old continues to say “Happy New Year” to everyone when we’re out and about. Does that still apply? Not so sure, but I’ll allow it. We hope you’re also having a happy new year, despite the weather angst you must feel over our recent wild temperature swings. From 13 to […]

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