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The Secrets to Saving Money with Energy Ogre

This post has been sponsored by Energy Ogre. All opinions are 100% our own!

It’s no secret that many families in Collin County are new to the area. Whether you’re migrating north from DFW OR you’re a transplanting your family from across the country, learning all the “in’s & out’s” of your new community can be HARD. 

These transitions are hard enough, so I want to fill you in on a North Texas secret that will not only make your life a little easier but will also save you money!

One of the most interesting parts of Texas to new homeowners is our deregulated energy market. (Think of it like the stock market for energy.) Instead of having one company who owns, monitors, and distributes the electricity, in Texas, multiple companies have the ability to purchase energy and sell it at various costs to their customers. While this can be a good thing, it can also be extremely confusing and requires a lot of time and energy to ensure your family is getting the best cost — as the market price of energy is always changing! You have to navigate your way through the sales pitches and see through all the contracts and “special offers” to what your real savings might actually be. 

Energy Ogre was tired of the industry confusing and tricking customers into paying high prices. They work FOR YOU by monitoring the current energy market in your area, navigate through all the fine print, and bringing you the ultimate in energy savings. 

Since 2016, Energy Ogre has provided over $88 million in savings to its customers!

How Does Energy Ogre Work?

  • Energy Ogre manages your interactions with the Electricity Provider. Using new technology and algorithms, they’ll select and enroll you in the best offer for your needs and proactively monitor your account for savings as market conditions change.
  • When your contract is up for renewal, Energy Ogre will continue to ensure you are getting the best deal—avoiding default rates, out of contract fees, or inflated renewal rates. If it’s time to switch, they’ll handle everything; from terminating the contract and switching to a new provider or auto-renewing with a company. You never have to worry about contacting an energy provider – Energy Ogre does all the work for you!  

Now that you know all of these potential savings are out there, you might be thinking Energy Ogre is just too good to be true or thinking “why can’t I just do this on my own”? 

It’s probably true, if you’re able to devote time to learning all the tricks of the energy companies and are able to constantly monitor your energy usage, you might be able to do something similar; however, for less than three trips to Starbucks each month ($10), you can have someone saving you on average 40% each year in electricity costs without having to lift a finger to your keyboard or phone. 

If you need a little more convincing check out their website, and use their Savings Calculator to determine how much you can be getting back into your pocket! Use promo code CCMOMSBLOG during sign up to get the 13th month of Energy Ogre membership free.


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