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3 Reasons Our Family Loves Year-Round Swim Class

Weekly swim lessons has been a staple in our schedule since my son was an infant. It all started when I was a brand new mom and enrolled in the Mommy and Me class. My mother-in-law had given us the gift of a six-month membership at our local Aqua-Tots (genius gift idea!) and we’ve been hooked ever since! I recently outlined four health benefits for year round swimming and explained how swim lessons are growing my preschooler’s social skills. Today I am outlining three personal reasons our family is dedicated to year-round swim lessons and I have a feeling they will resonate with you, too! 

1. Patience – The teaching staff at Aqua-Tots has incredible patience with my antsy two-and-a-half year old. I am a little embarrassed to say that he has cried, screamed, kicked, and been quite the terror during swim class. But you know what? The teachers always, and I mean always, have him smiling by the end of the class. They work tirelessly to connect with the kids and make the class fun even if there is some apprehension about the water or just downright defiance. Honestly, if it were me in the pool with him, there’s no way I would keep my cool like they do! 

2. Sibling Friendly – I was pretty nervous about continuing swim lessons after the birth of our second child. How was I going to juggle a toddler at swim lessons and a new baby? Well, Aqua-Tots makes it easy! They’ve got big, comfortable chairs for parents to relax in while watching your child through the glass. I’ve been able to nurse the baby, change his diaper in the family restroom, and I never feel like a burden if he gets fussy. Other families with young children are accommodated with a play area with toys to keep the siblings entertained. 

3. Flexibility – The receptionist at our local Aqua-Tots knows me very well. I am always calling to switch classes, add an extra class, or inquire about how many kids are enrolled for a particular time slot. The staff has always been very accommodating with schedules. They give you a detailed schedule when you tour or enroll at the school. Then you can always call to change days or times. They have weekday morning, evening, and weekend classes, basically whatever you need! And if you have to miss for sick kiddos, they allow you to make it up whenever is convenient for you for no additional charge. 

These huge perks really make it easy for us to keep up swimming lessons year round so that we can work toward our ultimate goal of having a proficient swimmer sooner rather than later. Choosing how to spend your time as a family is always tough. There are so many directions you’re pulled in and countless activities to choose from, but I think most moms can agree an activity that is accommodating to families is an easy choice. 

If you’re interested in learning more about swim lessons offered year-round, Aqua-Tots Swim School offers classes for children ages four months and up. They encourage you to visit their website to find your swim school today. 

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah November 16, 2017 at 6:49 am #

    Thanks for this! I’m about to become a full time SAHM and have been wanting to do swim lessons for our girls…