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5 Reasons I Love Lionheart Children’s Academy

This post has been sponsored by Lionheart Children’s Academy. All opinions are 100% our own!

I know how difficult it can be to take your kids to childcare. I also know how awesome it can be to take your kids to childcare.

As a hybrid working/stay-at-home mom, childcare has always been kind of a hot-button issue. I’m home, so I don’t “need” it… but I run my own business, so I definitely “need” it! The unique situation I am in affords me the opportunity to be extremely picky when it comes to daycares and Mother’s Day Out programs. When I was presented with the chance to visit Lionheart’s Children Academy…I jumped! Folks, color me impressed. I loved this place, and I think you will, too!


Lionheart Children’s Academy has six different locations in the DFW area.  Two in Plano and launching two new academies in January 2019 in Celina and Georgetown. We had the opportunity to visit the location at First Baptist Church in Plano. The space is amazing, with several different well-thought-out classrooms, and two incredible playgrounds.

When we were walking up to visit for the day, my two-year-old kept saying “That looks like fun!” and she was thrilled when she discovered it was the first place she’d be going that day. They even have an indoor gym that they use when the temperature gets a little too hot during the Texas summer.


It was clear to me from the moment I walked in the front door that Lionheart believes in the importance of education from a very early age. I discussed these programs with Kerry, and she explained to me that each day is “filled with discovery, exploration, and celebration as we aim for and reach developmental milestones.”

The curriculum begins with infants and continues to grow and develop with your child, from Bible stories and songs to language development, sensory play, and fun!

The main goals and objectives of their curriculum line up perfectly with my family’s:

  • Social/Emotional Development-awareness of self and others
  • Physical Development – learning about movement
  • Cognitive Development – learning about the world
  • Language Development – learning how to communicate
  • Spiritual Development – learning about God’s great love for them

The programs include Infants (6 weeks to 18 months), Toddlers and Twos (18 months to 36 months), Preschool (3 years to 5 years), After School program and a Summer School Age program.


The hardest part about leaving your child each day is the fact that “someone else” will be caring for them. I cannot say enough amazing things about every person I came in contact with at Lionheart Children’s Academy.

Kerry James, the director of Lionheart Children’s Academy at First Baptist Plano, was warm and welcoming. It was very apparent, very quickly, that she absolutely adores her job and the children she works with. She walked me around and introduced me to several different teachers, and each teacher I came in contact with was just as warm and friendly as she was.

My three-year-old is still talking about the day she spent with her teacher. After just one day, he made an incredible impression on her!


We were lucky enough to visit Lionheart at First Baptist Plano on a Wednesday. Wednesdays are special, when they have “Roar Time” where all the students gather for lots of singing and dancing… and my daughters absolutely loved it!

During the summer they have a few extra special events…such as Splash Days! They alternate weekly between the younger kids and the older kids so everyone gets a chance to have a little extra fun. We visited on the day where Kona Ice was the special treat!


Probably the most important part of selecting the perfect daycare or Mother’s Day Out program for me is making sure that I am working with the program. Even though I am placing the daily care of my kiddos into the hands of someone else, I like to feel as I still have a bit of control as to what is happening in their little lives!

“Lionheart partners with parents as they love and raise their children. For us, that is a sacred trust. We desire to cultivate real relationships of love and support for our parents in the daily hustle and bustle of life. We communicate regularly with parents to update them on all aspects of their child’s progress, so they can reinforce learning at home.”

There is an easily accessible parent portal on their website, as well as lots of different literature, schedules, and notes available… including a monthly prayer calendar! I felt very connected and included with Lionheart – and that is saying a lot since we only spent one day there!


To sum it all up – I can’t say enough wonderful things about Lionheart. If you’d like to check it out yourself, your child can experience a free day of fun as well! Obviously, this is subject to availability, but I hope that if you are currently in the market for a program for your child, our experience with Lionheart Children’s Academy will be the nudge you need to check them out!

I also want to thank Kerry and the staff at Lionheart one more time for giving my girls such a fun and rewarding day!

To learn more and schedule a tour, please visit their website or social media:


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