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3 Pieces To Enhance Your Newborn Photos with gugagii

This post has been sponsored by GUGAGii an Etsy Store specializing in custom newborn products and photo props. All opinions are 100% our own.

The first few months of your baby’s life will fly by FAST! While in the moment, it might seem like an eternity will pass before that sweet little babe learns how to sleep through the night and will eat without spitting up all over you, I promise… those moments will soon be long forgotten.

Like most parents, we all try to capture this moment in time through newborn photography, and since you only get one opportunity to capture a few beautiful photos of your newborn, you might as well make them images that will last a lifetime AND capture the uniqueness of your family. As a mom of 3 boys who’s experienced my fair share of newborn photo sessions, I have a few recommendations for how to make your newborn’s photos stand out among the others.

Baby Costumes & Outfits

Let’s face it! A lot of babies look alike. I discovered quickly that newborn photos can all tend to blend in together — especially when you have babies who are all the same sex, dark haired, and blue eyed when they’re born. In our case, add the fact that we decided to not change the decor of the nursery and used the same photographer. . . looking back on those photos, it starts to become more and more difficult to tell who was who! 

Baby costumes and customized outfits can not only add the adorable factor but also help with baby “identification.” (Then when your kids are older you won’t be embarrassed when you have to look twice to figure out who’s baby photo it was.)

Gugagii, an online Etsy boutique, specializes in handmade baby clothes, baby costumes, rompers, and accessories that are perfect for newborn photography. You can customize the color and personalize each item through hand-stitching or personalized name plates.  

You can get creative by dressing your baby in something that defines the time — like Minions or Princesses. You can customize a romper to match the nursery color or maybe even your baby’s birth month. Gugagii has so many different options, the meaning you put behind the customization can be endless!  

Baby Hats

Every baby needs at least one photo of them sleeping soundly with a sweet handmade baby hat. I fell in love with this one sent to me by gugagii because it not only looked amazing, but she was able to personalize it down to the size of the newborn’s head. It’s not one size fits all! 

These hats are designed with a lot of detail that really pop in a photo whether it’s through professional photography or a quick phone snap as baby comes home from the hospital. For the owl, you can select from blue or pink. In other hat styles (as well as the owl) like the baby visor, Minions, and Fox, custom orders can be requested with colors of your choosing!

Baby Blankets

One of my favorite ways to really make a photo session unique is with customized blankets. Anyone can wrap a baby in a fur-lined blanket and place in a basket, but how special would it be if your newborn was laying on a hand-made blanket with custom colors and personalized with their name. Gugagii handmakes crib blankets, receiving blankets, and large crochet lined baby blankets. And don’t forget, they make FABULOUS gifts! 

The next time you schedule your newborn photo session or are looking to provide a new mom with a truly unique gift for her baby, head over to gugagii’s shop and choose from her wide selection of unique and beautiful crochet and hand knit clothes, blankets, shoes and photo props for babies, accessories and other cute things! 

As a special offer, ALL readers will receive 15% OFF any purchase when they use the code ” COLLINCOUNTYMOMS15″ before September 16, 2017. 


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One Response to 3 Pieces To Enhance Your Newborn Photos with gugagii

  1. Julie July 3, 2017 at 8:16 am #

    These are really great items, and the designer has done a great job. As a newborn photographer, I always like to know if my clients are bringing any props with them. Typically I provide everything for their session, with the exception of special momentos. So when you are choosing your newborn photographer, please keep in mind that when looking at their work, that you are choosing their “brand”/art/photography style for a reason. You like the look they are showing.
    For me personally, I love the traditional and timeless look for my newborn sessions. Also keep in mind that cheap isn’t always better. Safety first.