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WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)

My husband recently told me about a new acronym that they discussed at his work, WAF.

“What is WAF, sounds like a millennial acronym.”

He told me it was Wife Acceptance Factor and basically it is the likelihood of a wife approving the purchase of an expensive electronic product.

OMG THATS TOTALLY ME!!!!! My husband has been doing this our entire relationship. He’s even notorious among our friends for having the latest gadgets and toys that come out. They would just show up at our house or we would make trips to various electronic stores to purchase these items. My response would be similar to “Why do we need this? Don’t we have one of those already? When are we ever going to use this?” I will say at first I am hesitant and give my husband that look of doubt and concern.

As women, we are wooed by visually beautiful things like jewelry, shoes, purses, art and things that appeal to us visually. Men are attracted to gadgets and items that perform tasks and duties. My husband’s addiction started in college when he was employed at Best Buy and used his employee discount to purchase the latest gadgets that came into the store. Since then, he has maintained his collection of electronic products by selling older products on Craigslist and recouping some of the cost to purchase the new electronic product. You know he has a problem when the employees at the store know him by name.

To me WAF not only applies to expensive products, but to a lot of things that husbands do on a daily basis. What it really comes down to is whether, as a couple, we can respect each other to ask for permission when necessary. To me, it’s not about the stuff that keeps coming into my house, but the fact that my husband wants my approval and asks for my permission and sees me as an equal partner in our relationship. I have come to terms with my reality filled with cameras, 5.1 sound systems, drones, and media servers and I will learn to embrace the passion my husband has for electronic products…

I guess I have to come up with my own acronym HSAF: Husband Shoe Acceptance Factor.

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