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Different Love Languages

Does Your Marriage Have A Love Language Barrier?

My husband and I are the epitome of “opposites attract.” He’s an extrovert and I’m an introvert. He’s an early riser and I’m a night owl. He loves anything salty and I love anything sweet. And while these differences have been challenging at times, one difference that has proven tougher than the rest, is the […]

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Must. Drink. Coffee.

Confessions from a Recovering Coffee Addict Mama

Hi my name is Sarah and I’m a coffee addict. Exhaustion and coffee are the inspiration for this blog and maybe some of you can relate. I hope to help others because my “rock bottom” took longer to realize than maybe most. Coffee has been my best friend since I was in high school. It […]

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Our Diaper Bag Must-Haves!

Kelsey and I have rounded up our absolute must-haves when it comes to toting two tots around. My diaper bag has definitely been pared down after having #2. If you’ve ever seen this Luvs commercial about first kid vs. second kid, yep, it’s totally like that. I literally have the same trial sized sanitizer that […]

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