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How to Survive Pregnancy with a Toddler

My first pregnancy was a dream. I barely had any symptoms, I gained exactly the right amount of weight throughout, and everyone waited on me hand and foot. It was magical. This second pregnancy has been…something else. I’ve had all the symptoms, I’ve gained all the weight, and everyone is too busy trying to stop […]

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Best Kept Mom Secret: Dry Shampoo

My husband and I have been planning date night for weeks, actually more like months. We get lost in all the dirty diapers, feedings, school drop offs, work, and forget about our time with each other. There’s never enough time, but we have promised each other to make time.  The day finally arrives where I […]

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A Collin County Mom’s Guide to the Month of April

I can’t believe it’s already {insert literally any month}. But seriously, it’s April?! Just like that, the trees are bursting with flowers everywhere I look, and it’s delightful. April is for dining al fresco, strolling the town square, and sitting on the porch without fear of mosquito bites. But that’s not all April is good for—we’ve […]

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