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With love, the SAHM

Dear Husband,

I see what you’re doing. I see your 13 hour days away from us. I see how your whole body sinks into the bed at night because you’ve been carrying the weight of our family on your shoulders. I hear your alarm go off in the wee hours of the morning. I notice how hard you’ve been working.

I see you with our babies. I see you completely melt when she finds your eyes, holding your finger in her tiny hand. I see you being his BEST friend, from wrestling in bed to being his rock, his place where everything is ok. I see it all. I see you want to give them everything, and you do.

I see you sometimes get frustrated so I thought I’d say this:

Thank you. Thank you for giving us this gift…to snuggle in with my babies instead of trying to rush us all out the door to get them somewhere. Now I get to be the one to change every diaper, to make every breakfast and lunch, to enjoy them. I get to stare at them all day, oh they’re so beautiful.

And they’re frustrating aren’t they? But…

One day we won’t get flustered when someone goes to bed without eating only a handful of shredded cheese instead of dinner. And one day we won’t be building tall towers at 8 pm after that 13 hour day. One day the kitchen WILL be clean, the dishwater WILL NOT run 24-7 and all your pens, keys, wallet won’t go missing.

For now, our shower will be littered with legos and superheros and cups, our windows will only be clean from about 3 feet and up, we won’t sleep as much as we’d like, and hell we won’t even be with each other as much as we’d like.

But I make you this promise for now. I will always see you baby. And I will ALWAYS love you.


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