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Why Do the Snuggles End So Quickly?

These moments go by faster than I ever thought possible. 

snugglesendsoquicklyCOLLINCOUNTYMOMSBLOGYou go from those two pink lines to dressing your bump to planning for life as a mama to counting down the days until you finally get to meet your child. Then you work hard for their arrival, endure for their sake, and at long last hold that snuggly little human.

Why is it that the 40 weeks of carrying said little human, all the while preparing for them and anxious to meet them, seems to DRAG on? I thought I would be pregnant forever. But from the moment I heard his first cry, time sped up.

And then in a blink… fill in the blank. For me, it’s that in the blink of an eye my tiny newborn turned into a giggling, smiling, rolling over, sitting up little boy. For others it’s that their kids are learning to ride a bike or making the 5th grade honor roll. Maybe your kids are entering high school or getting married or having children of their own. I know we all have this feeling to one degree or another.snugglesendsoquicklyCOLLINCOUNTYMOMSBLOG

My child is just a mere six months old, but I already can’t believe how fast the moments pass. I look back at pictures from his birth and first few weeks of life and remember the times that I got to hold him on my chest. He would sleep in my arms, so sweetly snuggled. We would swaddle him up each time he slept. I would spend my evenings rocking him to sleep, singing to him, cradling him. He was tiny and cuddly. It went by so fast, faster than I thought possible. Life is so drastically different than it was just a few short months ago.

I will never forget one particular cuddly moment. Titus was having a rough night, he was just over two weeks old. He had been up almost every hour and I was struggling to get him comfortable. Morning finally came after what seemed like an eternity. It was about 9am, and he woke up again. My mind was spinning, I could hardly get out of bed without help because of my c-section. I gathered myself, picked him up and set him on my chest. He was instantly calm. It was as if all he wanted was to be with me. It gave me joy and peace and so much love for him. We just sat there together for a few hours, snuck in a nap and I soaked up the moment.


Sometimes I wish I could bottle up that snuggly, warm feeling. I’m thankful that I’ve experienced it and I miss it already. The beginning is foggy, exhausting and life-changing. But it’s precious and I can’t wait to cherish those days better when we have a second!

Do you miss the newborn stage? Are you still getting those oh-so-cherished cuddles from your little ones? Let us know in the comments below!

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