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What’s In My Amazon Cart (this week)

If I am being perfectly honest, Amazon is an all-too-easy addiction for which I will proudly wear my badge. My husband and I always had somewhat of a love affair with Amazon, but since becoming parents, this love has reached an all-time high. It is rare that a week goes by without a beautiful Amazon box appearing on our steps. The majority of the time, things are cheaper on Amazon, you do not have to leave your house, and they are there in two days. If that is not winning, I don’t know what is.

This week in my Amazon cart, you will find a random assortment of things: some restock items and some new items. Shall we open the proverbial bag and take a look?

Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood (chocolate flavor)

Smoothies for breakfast are a staple in our household. Most days we have eggs & fruit or smoothies. I typically plop a handful of spinach in the kids’ smoothies, but have also found I really love the extra goodies they get from 1 scoop of this yummy powder. We have a Ninja single-cup blender and I make a smoothie with one scoop for my boys to split. Some days they even ask for a second cup!

Pregnancy Belly Bands (bando style)

I had a pregnancy belly band from Motherhood Maternity during my first pregnancy, and it has seen a lot of wear. I’m anxious to try this new one because it has excellent reviews. I do not wear the bands for the back support; these are literally just like a bando top for your belly. I find they help smooth the belly (pregnant or not) in all the right places. Being pregnant in the summertime in Texas means a lot of maxi dresses, LuLaRoe Carly dresses, and loose cotton clothing. This mama needs all the help she can get to not scare away innocent passersby. 

Silicone Veggie Steamer  

This bad boy is a replacement for my last steamer basket. Being the instant pot novice I am, I followed a recipe for IP meatloaf and mashed potatoes. To separate the meatloaf from the potatoes they suggested using a steamer pot. What they didn’t tell you is that it would be impossible to clean and I ended up throwing it out. I have since learned that tinfoil on the little stand that comes with the IP works just as well. My kitchen gadgets thank me and we have had no more casualties. Bonus: this guy comes with silicone oven mitts!

Water Table 

I have been waiting patiently for Amazon Prime to restock this not-so-little table. For my younger boy’s birthday, my mom got him this table, via me, via Zulily. It was the perfect gift that was coming just in time for summer as our current two year old, very loved table had seen better days. We are well into summer now and still no table—somehow the order didn’t make it, and I have been patiently waiting for Amazon to stock this beauty again. She is back and we are buying her! We love to turn our water tables into so much more: We add bubbles, toothbrushes, dirty animals to scrub clean, food coloring…the possibilities are endless! 

Voices Are Not For Yelling 

We have a very loud two year old who seems to really relate to these books. We have Hands Are Not For Hitting and it has helped. We have a lot of life lesson books, actually. 

Screen to Screen Cable 

One of the many beauties of Amazon Prime is the ability to try and return. This is one of those purchases. We have gone through two car DVD players because of this darn connector cord. Our two year old is forward facing and our one year old is rear facing, so for them to both watch a movie, a cord has to stretch across the car. The dog slides right under and goes to sleep but the children can’t seem to not touch it or we stretch it too much, thus bending the internal wires. Clearly, we need a longer cord and are hoping this works. We take a few five to eight hour road trips a year so car DVD players are a must! 

I hope that our random bag of goodies has sparked some Amazon purchases that you may or may not need. Because if I am being honest, not everything we buy on there is a life necessity, but oh how it makes life more fun! 

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