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Toddler Busy Bags Ideas: A Non-TV Approach to Keeping Your Kids Occupied

Toddler busy bags are a great way to occupy your kiddos. You can use them in car rides across town, on airplanes, or waiting in the doctor’s office. I have several toddler busy bag ideas I use to get dinner prepared in a timely manner. What I like most about them is that they’re a non-TV way to encourage children to work independently and strengthen problem-solving skills. Sometimes it’s also a test in patience when the activity is challenging. The best part is the sense of accomplishment on my child’s face when she completes a new activity. The bags also provide all the parts for each activity which reduces arguments over who gets which pieces. The more quiet time, the better! These are some toddler busy bag ideas to make your own!  You can use materials you already have or buy inexpensive ones at a craft store. Check out my four toddler busy bag ideas below:


 What toddler busy bag ideas do you have? Share in the comments!


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