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The Tiny Humans with Big Feelings Book List

I’m 31 years old and I have bad days. You know those days; the ones that are so emotionally draining that you have to dig deep, pray, and cope. It’s taken 31 years. When I became a mother, I realized my son had these days, too. Usually without words, children rely on their cries, outbursts, noises, and tantrums to act out whatever big emotions they are feeling. 

So, instead of holding our children up to double standards, let them have a bad day, let them feel an emotion fully, and teach them how to cope. You can ask them questions that help them identify what they are feeling in a healthy way.

How does that make you feel?

Is your heart beating fast?

Are you sad for mommy to leave?

This is called “being anxious”

The first step towards helping a child learn feelings and emotions is simply to give those feelings names. Here are some books about feelings to help your child understand, work through, and cope with different emotions like worry, frustration, anxiety over a new sibling, starting school, and more. 

Worry & Anxiety Books

When your kids are approaching a new situation or just seem to feel some anxiety or nerves in certain environments, try one of these books.

Llama Llama Misses Mama

A Feel Better Book for the Little Worriers 

The Kissing Hand

New Sibling Books

Probably the Everest of childhood is the momentous arrival of a new baby in the family. Talking about it, reading books about it, and listing all the things that the big sibling gets to do that the baby doesn’t, will help during this transition.

You’re Getting a Baby Sister/Brother

I am a Big Brother

The New Baby

Potty Training Books

I love this board books for bathroom potty training reading, mainly because they’re easy to clean and durable!


I also loved using this sticker reward book.

My Potty Rewards Stickers for Girls/Boys

Anger and Frustration Books

Aggressive behavior usually stems from emotions that kids can’t fully articulate. These books give simple explanations about how to use their bodies in positive, instead of negative, ways.

Best Behavior Books: Hands Are Not For Hitting

Best Behavior Books: Teeth are Not For Biting

Best Behavior Books: Feet are Not For Kicking

Best Behavior Books: Voices are Not for Yelling

Mommy & Daddy Books

Me & My Mom/Dad

Yoga & Kindness Books

“Smell the flowers, blow the bubbles.” Here are some wonderful reads for the little yogi. Teach them how to breathe and move from a place of love and positivity when the world around them feels chaotic and scary. 

I Am Yoga

Goodnight Yoga

Babar’s Yoga for Elephants

Let’s Be Kind

Have You Filled A Bucket Today?


Please share your favorite books about feelings: those that helped during a transition or with learning about big emotions.

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