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Elsa Obsession: 8 Positive Personality Traits

I don’t know about you, but Frozen’s Elsa has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. She might as well be part of the family. We have an Elsa obsession: cups, shampoo, books, bandaids, sheets, shoes, backpack, nightgown, and the list goes on. We even have a wig with her long blonde hair—Disney has it figured out. My daughter also likes to be referred to as Elsa (with me being Anna) and I am quickly reprimanded if I fall out of character. At first glance, it’s easy to understand why little girls might have an Elsa obsession. She has beautiful long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and great fashion sense. If you look beyond these superficial traits, you’ll find that she has quite a bit of depth and fortitude. I admire this in an era of acknowledging and supporting diversity.

If there is an Elsa obsession in your house, here are a few talking points for making it a little more meaningful!

8 Positive Personality Traits of Elsa

  1. Confident: She is able to walk through her fear to take reign over her kingdom. She is also confident when she embraces her fear and builds an ice castle, and even when she returns to her kingdom with the ability to better control her powers.
  2. Strong Will: She has great strength to hold her gift in so she won’t hurt others. It takes a lot of determination to stay isolated as a small child and into adolescence and early adulthood. She also fought off Hans and his henchmen when they came to get her in the ice castle. She’s pretty good at standing her ground.
  3. Fallible: She makes mistakes. She accidentally strikes Anna and hurts her with ice ,not once, but twice to remind us that she is human. She also demonstrates an ability to recover from her mistakes by reconciling with Anna and her kingdom.
  4. Loving: She is playful with Anna and Olaf. She is very caring in her actions and words to others. Even when put on the defensive in her ice castle, she is careful to only push away the men and not hurt them.
  5. Patient: She waited all those years until she came of age to take the throne, and even then she didn’t rush the process. She took her time at the coronation to make sure it went smoothly without revealing her powers, and remained patient with all the strangers entering her gates after years of isolation.
  6. Selfless: She loves her sister so much she is willing to separate from her so she doesn’t hurt her. She could have also used her powers for evil, but she didn’t. She finally found a way to use them so others could enjoy them.
  7. Brave: She sets the ultimate example of letting go of peer pressure to be perfect, albeit in isolation. She embraces her fear so that she can eventually learn to harness her powers for good.
  8. Genuine: Although she hides behind closed doors, she is honest about her thoughts and feelings. She is able to be assertive and express herself in a mature manner, even when others disagree with her.

Many princess characters can send a message that how a girl looks is more important that who she is. But this isn’t the entire case for Elsa. Yes, she looks like the stereotypical princess, but she also has many noteworthy traits. I try to highlight them with my daughter so she can see beyond the surface to the real substance of Elsa. In doing so, I hope that she will do this with anyone she meets, no matter how they look on the outside, so she can get to know the real person inside.

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