Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

Small Things, Great Love.

A quote to get you through today. 

Do small things with great love. 

-Mother Teresa 

My babies are beautiful. At times they take my breath away and other times they make me go into my room and scream into a fluffy pillow. 
When the little one hasn’t napped or our eldest hasn’t slept through the night in a few days it can feel like winning the super bowl when they finally find that deep sleep again.
But here’s the thing. There’s no award for getting a human down for a nap. There’s no finish line for sleeping through the night. The next day you graciously and selflessly do it all again and hope he does. 
Coffee helps. Family and friends help. But mindset is sometimes all we have to turn to. Deep breath momma. This will pass. And until it does we do small things like getting someone down for a nap or getting someone bathed, checking all the nooks and crannies for traces or food and dirt, we grind out the day to day. We do those small things all day with the greatest love we can find in our hearts. So that we are completely present. Cliche as hell but those small things are the big things. 

Small things you can do at home:

Take a deep inhalation to the count of 5, then take a gentle pause at the top of the breath. Exhale for 5. Repeat until someone needs you. 🙂
Put your phone down. Look at their hands. Gaze at their dimply chubby fingers, watch them do something one thousand times. I’ve noticed lately with my son that nothing has a finish point when he plays. He fills up a cup so careful with pebbles at the park only to dump them all out and start over again. 
Use your Hands.
Now that the weather is nicer get the babies outside with some paper and water color paints. Sometimes it’s messy. Always it’s magic. Bird feeders, water tables, bubbles, blocks, the list goes on…
Go for a walk and see something new. 
This one continues to surprise me. When I am at my most overwhelmed, when everyone’s decided to boycott naps we pile into the double stroller and find adventure. Sometimes we see ducks, find a special rock or stick to throw into the pond and sometimes I look down and they’re asleep. Always we come back calmer than when we left. 
Give Back
Help local food pantries stock their shelves. Heard of the Little Free Pantry in Downtown McKinney? They’re in need of small items such as baby food and peanut butter. Little Free Pantry can be located in the heart of Downtown McKinney in front of Hugs Cafe. 

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