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Online Grocery Shopping in Collin County

If you are like me then you are constantly hunting to find ways to make mom life easier. I recently discovered the beauty that is online grocery shopping! I feel like it is a trend that is just starting to be really utilized. And let me tell you, this is a trend that you absolutely HAVE to jump on! Like now, right now! Fear not, I am going to share with you Collin County Mama’s the many options we have to fulfill our grocery shopping needs. Picture this: It is a slow Sunday evening, the kids are in bed, you have just poured yourself a nice cup of tea (I mean glass of wine) and you sit down to meal plan the week. Well not only can you plan your meals on this fine Sunday, you can shop. You can shop, WITHOUT leaving your house and having to put a bra on. Now there is only one word for that… winning. Don’t forget you also have wine, double winning?

With a little help from my friends I have put together a list of the various places we have found around CC that will do your grocery shopping for you. Your jobs are to 1) figure out what you want and make an order online through your chosen stores website. 2) choose the method in which you will be receiving your groceries (again depending on the store you choose) the options are pick up or delivery. 3) plop your butt in the car or house (bra optional) and drive to or wait for the blessed groceries. Now the only downfall to this online grocery shopping businesses is that they will not put the groceries away for you, but if you are just a wee bit type A like me than that’s okay… we have a well thought out organizational system anyways.

 So here we go, below you will find a list of all the local places you can get your grocery shopping needs met! 

Market Street STREETside

  • Click here to find the closet store to you
  • Free store pick up
  • Delivery fee of $9.99. First delivery is free. 
  • $50 minimum order for both delivery and pick up
  • Mobile app for easy ordering on the go
  • I personally adore market street. This is has been my grocery shopping store of choice for the last month. I have been met with excellent customer service and incredibly friendly faces. 

Kroger ClickList

  • Click here to find the closest store to you  
  • First three curbside orders have no fee. It is $4.95 after that. 
  • Possibly waived fee for over $50 (check with your preferred store). 

Amazon Fresh 

  • Click here to get started 
  • You can choose to shop local and it will show you the local venders available. This was a cool discovery to me because I adore Warne Bee Farm honey. But I can usually only find it at the local farmers market. Now I can get it elsewhere! 
  • Complaint found: the bulky coolers & dry ice. Both do a great job of keeping everything fresh but they take up way too much room and they were not picked up on the next delivery. 
  • Delivery is free for prime members 

Tom Thumb

  • Click here to find a store near you 
  • Only does home delivery. First home delivery is free, the cost after that is $9.95 on purchase of $150+ or $12.95 on purchases under $150. 
  • There is an app for easy ordering from your phone 


  • Click here to find
  • Delivery fees vary based on location and time slot chosen. There is no pick up fee. 
  • There is a minimum order, but again it varies based on the store. It seems to be around $30 typically. 

Note: Each store asks when you are ready to check out if you are okay with substitutions. You have the right to say no and they will omit the item. I personally found some stores to have poor substitutions and other stores call to ask you about the specific sub. This will all be a part of the trial and error of finding your favorite place. 

If you are not sold on online grocery shopping yet, then let me leave you with one little personal tidbit. I have saved at least $20-$40 each week by online grocery shopping. There is no hunting for sales or trying to keep track of coupons. Everything you need is literally at your fingertips. And if your children are having a horrible day thats perfectly acceptable because you don’t have to actually bring them into the store. So, as always, they just get to torture you a little with their adorable faces and current life dilemma. 


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One Response to Online Grocery Shopping in Collin County

  1. Carol May 29, 2017 at 7:12 pm #

    I love online grocery shopping! I also made a business of delivering groceries and errands for people who want to shop at stores other than the ones listed. It has been a great experience!