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Be Nice to New Moms

A common refrain my friends and I heard when we were new moms was the ominous “just wait” comment. It could refer to our kids’ next milestones, an upcoming phase, or the possibility of adding a second sibling to the mix. It got to be so common that a few of us complained about it to each other, as we were tired of the negative spin on our foray into new motherhood. Some examples of things said to us as new moms, for your reading pleasure:

-Happy that your baby slept through the night as an infant?

“Just wait until the four-month sleep regression.”

-Excited that your kid took his first step?

“Just wait until he’s running all over the place—you’ll miss when he was just crawling!”

-Proudly display a picture of your toddler graduating to a big bed?

“A toddler bed already? Just wait until she’s getting out of bed every night…you really should keep her in a crib AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.”

-Vaguely complain that motherhood is harder than you imagined?

“You think it’s hard with one kid? Just wait until you have two…OR MORE.”

-Happily announcing your second pregnancy?

“Just wait until the baby’s here, THEN you’ll know how tough it is to show two kids the same amount of attention.”

It never bothered me TOO much (yet I am writing about it now…), but I think it can be a little draining when your proud and/or vulnerable parenting moments are watered down by those who may or may not have good intentions. In that spirit, I bring you POSITIVE “just wait” moments for any new moms out there who need a little encouragement!

-Your kid had a diaper blowout…in public…on you?

Just wait until they are potty-trained! Imagine a world with no diapers—it’ll feel like you’re getting a RAISE!

-You found out you’re pregnant again?

Just wait until that baby is here and your heart explodes in love. There is no better feeling in the world than seeing your youngest gaze adoringly at your oldest. In their eyes, their sibling can do no wrong.

-Mention that you’re not enjoying the newborn phase?

Just wait until they start to interact with you more. I promise it gets better EVERY WEEK.

-Announce that your kid is a picky eater?

Just wait until they are teenagers and happily polish off an entire plate of food in two seconds.

-Have a kid who has a hard time sitting still/focusing/not getting kicked out of preschool?

Just wait until he gets a good behavior award at the end of kindergarten and you are so proud you could burst.

-Get a scary diagnosis and you can’t even breathe right now?

Just wait until your kid shows you what she’s made of, how strong she is, and that no one should ever underestimate her based on this diagnosis.

-Your kids have to share a room?

Just wait until they’re older and are not only the best of friends, but know what it means to share a living space. Their future roommates and spouses will be so grateful!

-Fear that you will never feel like yourself again now that you’re a mom?

Just wait until your youngest is two years old. Something clicks and your body and mind remember that you’re more than a mom. Things seem a little clearer and you exit that “survivor-mode” phase of parenthood.

-Feel like all you ever say is “no, no, no, NO” “remember to say please,” “stop hitting your brother,” “keep your clothes on,” “stop peeing outside” and on and on?

Just wait until your family is out in public and someone compliments you on your kids’ manners and good behavior. I am not there yet but I KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN ONE DAY!

-Have a kid who is the exact opposite of you?

Just wait…as often as she frustrates and unnerves you now, she will surprise and delight you as she grows up into someone you couldn’t have ever imagined but are so very proud of.


What encouragement did you receive as a new mom that helped you get through the tough days?

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  1. Sarah H
    Sarah H October 16, 2017 at 3:52 pm #

    So true- we have to lift each other up as fellow moms!!!!