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Mommy vs. The Kitchen

It was never supposed to be a battle. is. This may seem like a rant. But, ahem..The Kitchen gives no mercy.
Do you ever feel this way? I spend more than enough time in the kitchen since it is the home of  The Coffee Pot (which happens to be the biggest cheerleader I have in the house). I am looking to change my attitude and lend a peace offering to kitchens everywhere. I wish it was on my side like the other rooms in the house are such as, let’s say, The Bedroom (heaven on earth) .
An Open Letter for Immediate Release.
To: The Kitchen, A.K.A. The War Zone
From: A Simple Mom Request List. (Quite Do-Able in My Humble Opinion)
1. Keeping the Kitchen Clean: From coffee mugs in the sink throughout the day to crumbs appearing out of thin air, please give me an unlimited supply of mugs so I don’t feel the need to continually wash. And the crumbs? Remove on site.
2. “What’s for dinner?” A simple phrase, yet, a war cry. Please send reinforcements.
3. Picky Eaters. Return this type of “eater” and send me the type that live for broccoli. 
4. Remove the phrase, “Don’t cry over spilt milk” and trade in for, “All hands on deck!”
5. Stockpile must-haves in the pantry for every kind of emergency: easy yet sophisticated meals for when the in-laws drop by unannounced, late-night cravings after the kids are in bed, unlimited supply of sandwich bags (ALL SIZES).
6. Missing Lids: Please find and pair with matching pots AND Tupperware. Much appreciated. 
7. Tupperware: See sandwich bag request.
8. Send an army for unpacking groceries, cooking, dishwashing, and making coffee.
9. Fill the refrigerator with freshly stocked items and never let the “favorites” run out. Angels will sing. 
10. The Garbage. No explanation necessary. Remove on site. 
The Surrendering Mom
P.S. The Laundry Room is next.

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