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Mommy Hacks: From My House To Yours

Being a mom has taught me a lot of lessons. One of them being “do things that make your life easier and more manageable.” Because let’s be real our job description as parents covers many roles & we deserve to have little tricks to lessen the load. Many of the times these things can make or break our sanity. We wear many hats and often our days are full of a constant balancing act.

Here are a few tips and tricks that I do daily to keep my head straight:

  • Tiny little people socks in a bra bag makes for easy sorting and matching. You become the automatic winner of the “where is that other sock” game. 

    I leave the bag half opened sitting in the kids laundry basket. Just remember to zip it before you throw it in the wash.

  • Large silicon cupcake liners in your car cup holders. It amazes me how gross cupholders can get… just pop one of these little guys in and take it out and clean it as needed. I personally love these ones from amazon. 
  • Plastic cutting boards on your fridge shelves keep any potential messes  in check (raspberry juice anyone anyone?) I use and love these from Bed Bath & Beyond. 

    These plastic cutting boards are the perfect way to keep your fridge clean and for easy clean up in case of a mess

  • One of the first things I do in the morning is start a load of laundry. I have to do at least one load of laundry everyday to keep on top of it. I find that small-medium sized loads are the easiest to start, flip, fold & put away. I am by no means that lady who gets laundry done in the morning – I only said I start it. It takes me all day to finish it and most days that mornings load is folded and sitting on my chest of drawers begging to be put away at the days end. 
  • Baskets on baskets on baskets – I literally use them everywhere (pantry, toys, laundry room, drawer organization, the list goes on) — I am not particular in the type, I buy them anywhere from the container store to the dollar store and everywhere in between! If I see a basket that meets my organizational needs at a good price then I scoop it up! 

    – baskets under the train table for random things, baskets in the laundry room to organize cleaning supplies and such & baskets in the pantry to organize all the things – 
    Basically baskets hide chaos = winning & sanity

  • Wipes – you literally can never have enough! I keep them at every car door and in every room of my house. I have found that these are the most versatile wipes & you cannot beat the price (800 wipes for $15). They have cleaned many noses, hands, tables, highchair trays, stray marker drawings, food spills, and so much more!
  • Cord ties – I have a weird and possibly unhealthy but totally healthy because it keeps me sane obsession with cord ties. I adore these from Amazon. I tie everything up with them. If it has a cord/string it basically is begging to be neatly rolled up and fastened in a beautiful velcro cord tie. They have so many uses: window strings (so that little hands cannot get them), monitor/phone/sound machine/ipad/e-reader/bottlewarmer/toaster/etc.. If it has a cord/string it deserves to be cord tied. 

    just a few of the MANY things are are cord tied in my house. These little guys are magic. 


I love learning other hacks that parents have to help with their daily survival! Please share your tips with us!


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