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What you Missed at #CostcoMomHour with Collin County Moms Blog {An Event Recap}

Collin County Moms Blog partnered with Costco & City Moms Blog Network to bring this event. All opinions are 100% our own!

The morning of the Costco Mom Hour, my son and I arrived at Costco 15 minutes before 9:00am. I thought this would leave plenty of time to grab a swag bag, which went to the first 100 people. Boy was I wrong! The line was already wrapped around the side of the building! Taking a peak at a few carts in front of me, it looked like they scored some Kirkland samples, including trail mix, fruit snacks, and microwave popcorn, as well as products from VitaRain, Mr. Clean, Pantene, Downy, Tide, and more. I took a mental note to get there a little earlier next year.

Costco Mom Hour Outside Line

When the doors opened we slowly made our way inside. Several employees greeted us, passing out brochures and a card for a scavenger hunt. The goal was to visit all the stops on the card (bakery, meats, pharmacy, travel, etc.) in order to have an opportunity to win a Costco gift card — sounded easy enough.

Next, we headed over to the breakfast buffet and found tables full of fruit, pastries, juice, coffee, and water. I made a plate for my son, situated him inside the shopping cart and off we went!

Costco Mom Hour Breakfast

The pharmacy was our first stop on the scavenger hunt, then we slowly wound our way through the store. As I filled my cart with groceries, my son and I filled our bellies with samples. We tasted everything from pop-tarts and smoothies to chicken nuggets and protein bars. There was no shortage of goodies, which kept my son, and consequently me, very happy.

After checking off another box in the bakery, my son was delighted to browse through the Christmas decorations. What kid doesn’t love a giant light up snowman? We found Christmas trees and wreaths along with other yard decorations. At that point I made a quick U-turn to avoid a meltdown in the toy section, and made another mental note to come back without the kids.  I spotted an American Girl display that I knew would help knock off a few items on my daughter’s Christmas list!

Costco Mom Hour Christmas Display

Next up was clothing where I took advantage of a few deals on winter jackets. Even though it was still warm outside, the prices were too good to pass up. I was hopeful fall temperatures would make an appearance in Collin County soon.

The electronics department was the last stop on our scavenger hunt, before making our way to the register. Short lines and a quick checkout were a pleasant surprise. Unusual for Costco and a big perk of Costco Mom Hour! After, my son insisted we take a picture with the giant Costco bear, then we grabbed a few more treats from the breakfast buffet.

Costco Mom Hour Bear

On our way out the door, I glanced around at all the other moms. While it was really nice to visit Costco an hour before opening and take advantage of short lines, great deals, and yummy samples, the best part was spending the morning surrounded by a supportive community of moms. I know I’m not doing this thing called motherhood alone.

Did you attend the Costco Mom Hour? What was your favorite part?

We hope to see you next year!

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