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Kid + Mom Date Night at Home

Why go out when you can stay IN with your kids and make it a memorable time? When I know it’s going to be just Caleb and me on the weekends in the evening, I try to plan a special “Date Night at Home” for just us. It gives the entire evening an extra-fun element and less opportunity for Caleb to complain about us staying in VS going out and spending money.

There is plenty of fun date night activities to do with the kids AND even to include your spouse on the night of fun. So why not rebrand the evening with DATE NIGHT in the title?! Much more appealing than “No…we are staying home tonight” (Yawn).

Here is my go-to “Date Night with the Kiddos” List 

First off, you must start with entertainment to kick off the evening. There is nothing better than a competitive game to start the party!

Game Night. Board games like Monopoly, Dominos, or even learn to play a round of video games! 

Cook Together. Chocolate chip cookies are a MUST; licking the spoon with brownie batter is a childhood rite of passage. Let them sit on the countertop barefoot. Start these fun memories NOW! Play some music and make it special. Add extra flair to any dish you create together, even if it’s a little garnish on the plate. It is date night, after all. Check out more of my tips and ideas on cooking with kids here.

OR Order in dinner, and let them pick! There are so many apps to choose from that are a quick and easy delivery service these days. Our top picks are Uber Eats and Door Dash.

An Art Lesson is totally special and you can always keep the little souvenir around the house to remind yourself of the next date night at home! 

Movie Night is popular with our household for date night. I rarely watch movies, but during the kid date nights, I make a point to put away my iPhone and focus on a good comedy with Caleb. Don’t forget the homemade popcorn! Pick out extra-special snacks for movie night or make something new and creative to add to a movie. Every good movie needs good snacks!

Legos is a fun activity to do together in working towards something. Building together, I’ve noticed, is great bonding time!

Hang outside and chat! Date night means great conversation. Ask special questions, or talk about how you met your spouse with the kids, which is always fun! Share funny stories. Make it exciting. 

I hope a few of these ideas inspire you to have a kid date night! Share your moments with me so I can add to the list!

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