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End of Pregnancy To Do List

As my 3rd trimester comes to an end, I’m constantly making lists of things to do before baby arrives. This will be my second delivery, and although I’ve been way more relaxed this time around, I still have mild anxiety as I near the finish line. I have a lot of supplies I can use from the first baby, but there are some things I need to do all over again to prepare for this next one. Whether it’s your 1st, 2nd, or 6th pregnancy, you might consider doing the following to get ready for a new bundle of joy.

Diaper Bag: You definitely want a good diaper bag before baby comes home because you will need it for the pediatrician appointments within the first week of coming home. If you’re a mom on the go, then you will definitely benefit from a good bag that accommodates your needs.  I bought a new one for my second child because I completely wore out my first one, and also really learned what I like in a bag. If it’s your first time, read the reviews because they are helpful.

Baby Moon / Family Trip: For new couples pregnant with their first, a baby moon is an opportunity to enjoy time together before the baby arrives.  There are many destinations depending on the kind of trip you want.  Some couples like to relax by the beach or have a spa weekend. For families that already have children, they can take a final trip as a family of 3, 4, etc for special memories together before there’s a new addition.

Shower/Sprinkle: It’s fun to celebrate your baby and a shower is almost a must do the first time around because you really get all the tools and advice for motherhood.  It was helpful to have plenty of clothes, various small packs of diapers, accessories for pumping, a few different bottles to sample, a small baby bath tub, bath towels, and the list goes on.  I may not have used everything, but I was glad I had it anyway. You can certainly ask for the same items with a sprinkle for subsequent babies, but most moms already have what they need and simply want to have a celebration of life, and a few gift cards can always be put to good use.

Create a Will & Medical POA: This is something a lot of people don’t consider when starting a family because they may not understand it or know how to start the process. You can write a will on your own (instructions online) or you can contact a lawyer. A will designates where your property goes when you die.  It also allows you to designate a guardian for your children.  If you already have a will, you may want to update it. You can also complete a medical power of attorney that outlines who would make medical decisions for you if deemed unable and how they would make those decisions.  You can bring a copy of it to the hospital with you when you go into labor.  

Pack Hospital Bag: It’s good to have this prepared at least a month in advance because you never know when you’ll go into labor. There are a lot of lists online to reference.  I like a few postpartum lounge clothes (remember you won’t be back to your pre-pregnancy size yet), anything that might provide comfort during and after labor, and I also pack my baby book for foot prints.

Frozen Meals & Meal Train: These are good to have after you come home with the baby.  You can prepare them or have family help you.  It’s nice to have a good soup or casserole you can heat up when you’re exhausted after night time feedings with your little one. It’s easier to split the food up in meal sized portions before you freeze them so you can quickly prepare it when ready to eat. You may also want to designate someone to organize a meal train for friends to bring hot meals after baby arrives.  These are nice because you get to see friends and you get a hot meal for the family!

Hair & Nails: This is a must do on my agenda. Make sure you schedule those last appointments so you feel refreshed because it may be a while before you get out to do them again!

Prepare Baby’s Room: This is an obvious item on the to do list, but some things should definitely be done well before the baby arrives like painting, new carpet or window treatments.  These are easy to complete beforehand because it’s much harder to manage afterwards. This can be a fun process for welcoming the baby and something you can do with your husband or family.

In what ways do you prepare for a new baby?


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