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Don’t be a Mean Mom

It’s January, time to start (or end) those New Years resolutions. Most people say they will try to lose weight, give up caffeine or even be more adventurous in their life. This year instead do something for yourself and others around you, don’t be a mean mom.

What does that mean exactly, well it doesn’t mean don’t discipline your kids and let them run wild. When you see that mom at Target trying to load her kids in the car and between the crying and screaming her cart starts rolling down the parking lot… HELP HER!!! 

A few months ago I was at the mall with my son and he was sound asleep. I actually got to eat my lunch in peace and enjoy those few minutes to myself. I saw a mom next to my table trying to get her two toddlers into their high chairs while also trying to set the tray of food down and park the stroller. I knew she needed help, I stepped over and asked if she needed help and she looked up at me and said YES!! I grabbed the tray and put the brakes on her stroller and she was set. In a few seconds her life just got easier and only a mom would understand. Moms have that instinct when we can sense trouble or fear with  kids or adults. 

We have all had those Mom moments in our lives, so when you see another mom in crisis help her out. DONT BE A MEAN MOM! We are all on the same team and neither our husbands or families will ever understand the connection that all moms have. It’s easy to look the either way or drive away or walk down another aisle, but instead help a fellow mom out that is in need. We are the only ones that know what it feels like to reheat the same cup of coffee four times a day, so when you are out with your kids keep your head up and look out for your fellow moms. Remember we are on Team Mom and we got to stick together when it gets rough!

Go Team Mom!

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