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Being Mom

I read an article the other day about how as moms, it is easy to lose ourselves in the sea of family demands. How we become these diaper changing, casserole making mombies just teetering on the edge of sanity, guzzling wine the minute the kids get home. Basically high functioning alcoholics that should be rioting like the disgruntled employee of tiny humans we are (insert pity party). The things being written, while I’m sure relatable to some (no judgment), really irritated me. 

I don’t totally support the stigma around motherhood being THAT debilitating and am not a huge fan of wine, but I do agree that sometimes I forget what it’s like to be a normal functioning independent human being. Once care free young adults, we are thrown into this wild ride called ‘motherhood’ and expected to have it all figured out.

Motherhood IS hard, sometimes crappy and occasionally lonely.

Motherhood IS ALSO so incredibly fulfilling, beautifully raw, and life altering in the best way.

There is nothing in this world that makes me happier than holding my babies and I actually do not feel like I have lost any piece of myself from my pre-kid life. If anything, I have grown into the best version of myself since becoming a mom. The version I always wanted to be. Being there for my family, helping them, loving them, supporting them, that is what my job is all about. 

No one forced me into motherhood, I chose this path for myself. I do feel like being a mom is truly the hardest job of all, and sometimes I wonder why Im not being paid a presidential salary. At the end of the day though there is nothing I would change about my life. So I will keep on taking the blame for lost items and happily cut all the crust off the Pb&J’s. I will embrace every aspect of motherhood. Some seasons are harder than others, but I love every one the same.

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