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5 Ideas for a Foolproof Father’s Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and even though we might still be bitter about the way things went down on Mother’s Day, it’s important to show our kids the true art of appreciation for dad. I don’t know about you, but in my family, dad is a pretty cool guy. He can build a ninja fort (aka couch pillows and cushions) among a sea of slimy pirates (aka a Labrador and a dachshund), bounce higher on the trampoline than anyone in the neighborhood, create an interpretive dance to the musical stylings of the Moana soundtrack, and even put on the BEST game of live action Blue’s Clues (complete with “mail time”) on a rainy Saturday afternoon. All the while, mom is in the corner grumbling because she just vacuumed those couch pillows or she’s shushing the choice and volume of music because A. we’ve already listed to Moana 500 times this week and B. the baby just went down for a much needed nap. So, in the kid’s young, imaginative eyes, the parent most deserving of something oh so special is indeed, dad. And rightly so. No one likes a grumbler. 

So, get ready to show that wonderful man just how much you and the kids love all that he is and all that he does. Read on for five gifts and experiences dad is sure to remember for years to come.

#1 Food. 
It’s no secret that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Plan ahead and stock up on the ingredients for a few of his favorite meals. Avoid the hustle and bustle of restaurants, have the kids join in the on the planning and cooking, and let dad sit back and enjoy the fruits of everyone’s labor. 

Not up to cooking or not enough time to plan? No problem! Order in his favorite food to show you were thinking of him in the midst of the crazy start to summer. 

Looking for a food related gift? Get him a growler of hand crafted beer from TUPPS Brewery in Mckinney, gourmet salsas and other fun condiments from Loco Cowpoke (located in historic downtown Mckinney), or gourmet meats from Hirsch’s Meats in Plano.

#2 Fun. 
Dad may be the epitomy of fun in the eyes of the youngsters, but truth be told, he probably isn’t always having a blast himself. Invest in a game he can play with the whole family or the next time he has his buddies over such as bean bag toss, darts, or bocce ball. 

Want to send him away for a day of fun? Get him a gift card to Top Golf in Allen or Main Event in Plano. We all know that dad is just a big kid at heart and would love some time to play without the actual kids around. 

#3 Fashion. 
When we think of fashion or a fresh hair do, we most often do not think of our male counter parts. Clothes, shoes, and pampering are only for moms, right? WRONG. He may not admit it on the daily, but chances are dad would love some fresh, trendy clothes for work, or some shiny new shoes. And if a whole new wardrobe just isn’t in the budget, fear not! Take some of his current favorite items to be dry cleaned, pressed, and maybe even fitted. That way, he can walk into work on Monday feeling like a new man!

Beards and fine tuned haircuts are continuing to stay on trend. To help him relax and feel good about himself, set up an appointment for dad to get a special shave, beard trim, or haircut. Both Floyd’s Barbershop and Eighteen Eight Fine Men’s Salon provide special services designed specifically for men. 

#4 Family. 
Who’s responsible for making this special day possible for dad? The little tykes staring at him with wide eyes as he takes down the stack of 14 pancakes they helped make early that Sunday morning. So, as cliche as it may be, pure, stress free, family time may be just what dad needs. Head to the lake for some family fishing or the beach at Little Elm Park for some fun in the sun. No matter what it is you do, just do it together. 

Family photo gifts are the ultimate keepsakes for this holiday. Every dad could use a new coffee mug with the best, most recent pictures of his smiling spawns or a fancy mouse pad with this year’s family photo. Head on over to Shutterfly to create an array of easy, special photo gifts just in time for the big day. Or even better, contact our friends over at RC PhotogrAphy to get some up-to-date special photos done just for dad!

#5 Freedom. 
Finally, the most simple and liberating thing we can provide for dad this Father’s Day is a little bit of freedom. We all want it. We all need it. And whether or not you were lucky enough to enjoy it on Mother’s Day (I’m not holding a grudge, I promise), let him have a little uninterrupted time to himself. Let him sleep in – take the kids out for a few hours and give him the free range to do whatever he pleases. Of course, if you’re gone during breakfast hours, he can’t complain that no one made him breakfast. Beggars can’t be choosers, now. 

Happy Father’s Day to all of those hard working, barbie playing, closet monster scaring, one more story reading, soccer coaching, tent building, spider killing dads out there! 

What are your plans this Father’s Day? 


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