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4 Tips on Making Mom Friends (Despite #MomLife)

Every day there’s food to be prepared, diapers to be changed, naps to be had, dishes to be done…. and the list goes on. The temptation is to stay inside your house and just make it. Make it to morning naptime. Make it through tantrums. Make it to afternoon naptime. Make it to 5:30pm when dad gets home. And some days it’s completely okay to just make it.

BUT, we mamas need our TRIBE!

We need those friends we can call on in difficult or chaotic times, those friends we can have wine night or movie night with. And our babies need friends, too! Here are some of the best ways to find incredible friendships as a mom. 

Leave the House.

Yes, you read that right! Get out of the house and go somewhere! It sounds elementary, but it needs to be said. Maybe it’s a park or a museum or the mall or Chick-Fil-A. Just go somewhere. You’re bound to run into other mamas doing the same thing you’re doing. Strike up a conversation, plan to meet up again, and BOOM. Mom friend!

Join Online Groups.

Okay, so maybe you’re a little more introverted and meeting a stranger in public sounds horrifying! I get it. Find local mom groups to be a part of. Search Facebook for playgroups or SAHM groups or working mom groups! If you’re a brand new mom, look for a group of first time mamas. If you have teenagers, look for one of moms in that same season. In groups you can find commonality. Use that to your advantage. (Collin County Moms Blog even has a great place you can get started.)

Get Involved in the Community.

Participate in pre-planned events for mamas, kiddos and families. Get plugged in at a church and join a bible study. Find groups in town that include your favorite interests or hobbies! The more mamas you’re exposed to, the more likely you are to find that mama you can relate to the most.

Plan Ahead.

Having mom friends is great but it can also be tough to schedule hangouts around naptime and feedings and appointments. When you’re texting with another mama or you see them out and you both do the classic, “We should get together soon!” Well great, put it on your calendar. Find a day that works and set it in stone. If you don’t plan, it may never happen. 

Before you know it you’ll find yourself exchanging advice on developmental stages, watching your kids become buddies and feeling like you have your TRIBE. 

What are your favorite ways to meet new mama friends?! Let us know in the comments below!

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