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10 Things Every Mom Needs in Her Vehicle

When I first pictured my life as a mom I never pictured myself simultaneously turning into a chauffeur as well.  But here I am driving around three small humans to various sports, activities, play dates, adventures, etc. With so much time spent in our car I’ve compiled a list of 10 vehicle MUST HAVES for any mom to be prepared in most situations.  Moms of all boys (HEYYY!!) there’s a bonus item at the very end.

1. Box/Bin/Giant Bag

This is where all the items with be stored neatly in your trunk.  I use an old container that lost its lid as it fits perfectly in the trunk of my car. You can easily find a snazzy one from places like The Container Store or IKEA.

2. Plastic Bags

I repurposed a Clorox Wipes container with fancy duct tape and added sufficient plastic bags inside (from the various grocery store errands or Target runs).  These are great for trying to keep your car tidy, tossing out a dirty diaper or the occasional, “mommy, I think I’m going to throw up!” moment.   

10 things every mommy needs in her vehicle

3. Disinfecting Wipes

It isn’t until you have several small children in your car at one time that you realize just how nasty things can get around there.  These are often used to wipe up car seat cup holders (grossest ever) or to quickly clean up all the ketchup they wanted to open for a nugget (yes A nugget….singular) that is now spilled on their lap and the floor. 

4. A Towel

For those moments when wipes just aren’t enough.  Perhaps and entire bottle of water spilled all over their clothes or it’s raining and mommy forgot to pack umbrellas for everyone.

5. First Aid Kit

Usually filled with a few band-aids, gauze pads, small flashlight, safety pins and hand sanitizer.  Because you just never know.  Shout out to my nine-year-old for making our vehicle first aid kit! He used a sandwich container and stocked it with all the necessities.  

6. One Complete Outfit for Each Child

Accidents happen! Everyone has a complete change of clothes for those times when mud is EVERYWHERE and we do not have time to go back home. 

10 things every mommy needs in her vehicle

7. Snacks

It’s inevitable that in my vehicle [like in my home] someone or all are hungry.  Enter SNACKS.  Having easy things like crackers, granola bars and wafers are life savers when calming down the HANGRY tantrum.  Plus, the kids love them too!!  To keep them at optimum freshness I love using these dry food storage jars from IKEA.

 10 things every mommy needs in her vehicle

8. Small Toys

Sometimes we’re stuck in traffic and it’s great to pull out a coloring book, rubix cube or book to read to pass the time.  Technology in the car has become nearly obsolete (with the exception of road trips) so having these go-to items has really made it better on mommy’s sanity.  My boys love the park so it goes without say that there is always a football, soccer ball or basketball in my bin too. 

10 things every mommy needs in her vehicle

9. Phone Charger

Because you don’t want to get caught stranded on the side of the freeway with a blown out tire and all three children ready to be home.  This is not a time for your phone to be on 2% battery life.  NOT the time!

10. Scissors and Tape

This one seems a little odd.  But trust me on it.  Just keep some scissors and tape in your glove compartment.  They work wonders for those projects your four-year-olds teacher kept emailing you about.  The one where you have to make a collage of family pictures so that they can share with the class and you kept meaning to do it earlier and here you are the morning of printing them at CVS and taping them to a loose leaf sheet of paper.  Just trust me on the scissors and tape.  

**BONUS ITEM for Mom of Boys**  

Empty Water Bottles

Because I have three of them, two of which are way past the diaper stage we always make sure to have some empty water bottles readily available.  Although it may seem that mother nature is their toilet we’ve assured them that this is not always the case.  But sometimes you just gotta go! Use #3 from above to wash your hands please. 

I hope this list has been a little helpful.  I’d love to know some things you keep in your vehicle that I can add to my bin.  Comment below and let us know.

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