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Easy Pinterest-Worthy Valentine’s Treats

The month of LOVE is upon us. And while we have all the love to share with our littles at home, when they go to school they spread the love in the form of FRIENDSHIP and KINDNESS! We’ve got some Pinterest-worthy sweet treats and gifts you and your kiddos can easily DIY for their classmates that they’ll be sure to love! Not only that, we’ve got the printables to go along with each of these.  

You’re a CUTIE

Grab a bag full of these yummy [healthy] oranges for the class and leave the candy to everyone else. 


I like you BEARY much!

A box full of Teddy Grahams and some ziplock bags is all you’ll need to make their Valentine’s BEARY special.


You are AWESOMEsauce!

I don’t know about your fridge, but ours stays stocked with a variety of any squeezable fruit/veggie sauces. Kids LOVE these! So, of course, if you send these with your child, you’re likely to get a couple thumbs up.


You’ve got the WRITE stuff, Valentine!

I’ve got an older kiddo at home and right now mechanical pencils are the THING. So easy and cute!


Happy Valentine’s Day

Tic | Tac | Toe Valentine’s for the win! I will say that getting ahold of the pink/white TicTacs is no easy feat. We went with red, but you could definitely go with the multi-colored ones, too.


Valentine’s Jokes Teller

Based on the ever popular paper fortune teller, this Valentine’s Day make them SMILE 🙂 because smiling is the best! 

Like for instance: What do you call a very small Valentine? A Valen-TINY!  


Click HERE to find out how to make a paper fortune teller.  For THIS printable please cut along the gray lines at the top and bottom.

A treat for ALL!

Once it’s all said and done, relax with a glass of your favorite beverage and this delicious sweet-and-savory, easy Valentine’s treat. Simple to make, and the snack will be finished in five minutes flat (or at least, it was at our house). 

1- 8 oz. bag of Kettle Corn

1/2 cup of your favorite pretzels

1/2 cup of Valentine’s M&M’s


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  1. Sarah H
    Sarah H February 9, 2018 at 8:41 am #

    Great creative ideas!!!!!