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Toys for Girls: Where to Invest


There are a lot of toys on the market to choose from for your kiddos.  How do you even begin to decide which ones to invest in? These are some fun ideas for girls that are educational and worth the investment.

Push Toys (Ages 0-2): Help your child learn to walk and build strength while discovering shapes and colors. Some push toys have music and light up buttons with removable panels for floor play.


Play Tents (Ages 0-2): Kids love to crawl into small spaces and create a world of their own.  Promote imaginative play with tents, tee pees or tunnels that are lightweight with easy storage.

play-tentToddler Chair (Ages 0-2): This chair is perfect for the growing baby who is learning to pull themselves up, stand and sit in a chair.  They are durable and most are washable.  It’s a must have for every room!



Play Kitchens (Ages 3-5): There are a variety of play kitchens with different features so you can easily find one that fits your style. Kids can engage in imaginative play while developing practical skills.



Building Blocks: (Ages 3-5): These big blocks are easy for little hands to grasp and maneuver. It’s the perfect starter kit for building any design little kiddos dream up and provides fun for everyone.


Trampolines (Ages 3-5): Indoor trampolines are a great way for toddlers to burn energy while having fun.  The handle bar offers support while they develop balance and strength, and allows them to jump high and stay safe.



Magna-Tiles (Ages 5-7): Your child can create multi dimensional designs with these easy connect tiles.  They provide hours of open ended play and promote the learning of geometric shapes.  Kids can make houses for figurines or garages for matchbox cars.  The possibilities are endless!


Create Your Own Book (Ages 5-7):  Creating books allows children to become the author of their own stories.  It promotes linear thinking and problem solving, and they can draw their own pictures!


Standing Art Easel (Ages 5-7): There are a variety of art easels for painting and coloring.  Some have chalkboards and magnetic boards. The trays offer storage space for paints, chalks and magnets.  This is a fun gift for any budding artist!


Scrapbook Kit (Ages 7-10): Girls can keep special memories and document their life using a scrapbook kit. They come with paper, stickers, ribbons, pre-cut designs, stencils and more. It’s a fun project that also inspires creativity.


Sewing Machine (Ages 7-10): This is a great gift for the girl who loves to create with fabric.  This will keep her busy for hours while developing practical skills.  She can make skirts, dresses, or anything her heart desires!


Butterfly Garden (Ages 7-10): Watch caterpillars turn into butterflies and release them into nature.  This is an educational experience that teaches about metamorphosis anytime of the year!


Look for our post tomorrow on Toys for Boys and where to invest!

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