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Simple Holiday Décor—From My House To Yours

The time of year is upon us where things get busy. Fun and exciting, but busy. So many activities, food to prepare, gifts to buy and….a home to decorate. I love to decorate my house! I almost always have plans and ideas rolling around my head about how to decorate certain areas of my home. So naturally, when the holidays come around, I want to decorate! In this season of life, oftentimes less is more. Sometimes that’s hard to come to terms with, especially when it comes to my grand plans for decorating for the holidays (or any time of year).

Over the last few years, I have found that these few decorating strategies can help my house feel festive, but also be simple enough to actually follow through with my ideas. Here are a few ideas for simple holiday décor:

The Dollar Section, Sales, & Clearance. These areas can be your best friend when it comes to decorating! I’ve noticed over the last little while that the dollar section of certain stores (ahem, Target) are really stepping up their game. Now I make a habit to take a little stroll through the aisles to see if anything holiday related catches my eye. I can usually find two or three things to spruce up my holiday mantel for less than $5.

Repurposing Other Home Décor. Am I the only one who constantly seems to collect things like those little silver buckets from IKEA? They’re only one dollar and are so versatile! Use them to your advantage and fill them with holiday flowers, plants, and other fun décor. I keep a shelf in one of our closets where I store empty vases, containers and other items I don’t use on a regular basis. Then I pull them out during holidays and they feel like new!

Prints and Frames. This is one of my favorite ways to decorate. I love switching out different prints in frames around my house to match the season or holiday. There are so many options available both free and paid for to incorporate this type of decorating into your home! I typically search on Pinterest, using keywords like “classic”, “modern”, “vintage”, “farmhouse” etc.

Crafts and Art Projects. Another way to decorate simply for the holidays is to incorporate kids’ art projects and crafts into the décor. Don’t forget the kid’s playroom or bedrooms during the holidays! We use a banner during Halloween that my kids made three years ago and it still is one of their favorite decorations to use in the playroom. Art projects are an easy way to make the kids’ rooms and playrooms feel festive.

Books. Books are a perfect way to decorate for holidays, or anytime. My kids love to get out our different holiday-themed books and I love to arrange them, and rearrange them each night after they are read time and time again. But truly, books are simple yet versatile. They can be fun, beautiful and practical! And Joanna Gaines uses them all the time, so they must be a good idea!

Finally, get creative! Look around your house and use what you have. Go through your holiday boxes and use your old decorations in a different way. It’s amazing sometimes what can come of just using something in a completely unique way! Add a small touch, like a small pumpkin next to a stack of books, to one corner of a room to tie the holiday in throughout your house.

I especially love decorating for the holidays, but I enjoy it all year round, too! These simple holiday décor strategies have helped me keep up with my desire to decorate, but not get too overwhelmed with all the possibilities. And honestly, is there anything more fun than watching your kids jump up and down with excitement when it’s time to bring out a box of holiday decorations? Let me know what you do to incorporate simple holiday décor throughout your house!

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One Response to Simple Holiday Décor—From My House To Yours

  1. Sarah H
    Sarah H November 9, 2017 at 10:32 pm #

    Great ideas!!! Some ideas I’m already doing (helloooo target dollar section!!!) and some things I’m definitely going to try for thanksgiving and Christmas!!!! Great article!