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What To Say If You’re Caught Being Santa

My son is turning 8 next month and I have to say, I am surprised we made it this far with believing in Santa Claus. Between moving the Elf on the Shelf AND keeping up the Santa appearances…I am exhausted losing it. There have been many, many times Caleb has been suspicious and I held my breath thinking, “I am so busted. This is IT. The gig is up!” I was sure I was caught being Santa.

(Patting myself on the back) BUT here we are.. somehow we made it. I am writing this just a week away from Christmas and Caleb still firmly believes there is a Santa Claus. (I’ll hold for the slow clap.) I am happy. Yet, I must confess, I am starting to have some anxiety surrounding thought the moment he finds out. Will it happen at school on the playground? Will he hear it on TV one day? Will he immediately think “MY MOM IS A LIAR!?!!! 

Maybe it would be better if I just got caught being Santa Claus. There have been MANY moments I could have taken the opportunity (yet, shamelessly bailed myself out) to tell Caleb the truth. Let’s reflect on all the times I was almost caught being Santa, shall we? 

  1. THE OFFENSE: Forgetting the most important items on “The List.” THE EXCUSE: This particular list (Caleb was 5 years old at the time) the items ranged from exotic animals to real life dinosaurs. THE EXPLANATION: “Santa can’t go back in time to bring you dinosaurs for Christmas. And Mommy told Santa no to the exotic pets.”


2. THE OFFENSE: The price tag found on gifts. THE EXCUSE: Those sneaky price tags jumped out of nowhere! THE EXPLANATION: “Santa knew that was the exact toy you wanted from Target. So, he made sure to stop there on his way from the North Pole.”


3. THE OFFENSE: The rewrap. THE EXCUSE: He DIDN’T LIKE Legos the year before. How could he remember? THE EXPLANATION: “Wellllllllll…(pause like reindeer in the headlights) Santa wanted to try again.” (Holds breath.)  


4. THE OFFENSE: The time he caught me on the phone saying, “I love that he still believes in Santa.” THE EXCUSE: I should have known he wasn’t really watching TV. THE EXPLANATION: (covering the phone and turning to my son), “It’s just that some kids don’t believe and I am so glad YOU DO!”


5. THE OFFENSE: Using the same wrapping paper in the closet. THE EXCUSE: I never thought he would notice. Note to self: Buy special wrapping paper and HIDE IT from all humanity. THE EXPLANATION: “Santa ran out of wrapping paper, SO he had to borrow Mommy’s wrapping paper!”


6. THE OFFENSE: Recognizable Mommy’s handwriting. THE EXCUSE: Not my brightest moment. THE EXPLANATION: “I needed to lend Santa a hand! I am Santa’s helper, after all.”


7. THE OFFENSE: Finding his old Christmas List. THE EXCUSE: Hidden in the Christmas ornament box. THE EXPLANATION: “Santa sends them back to Mommy for safe keeping.”


8. THE OFFENSE: He woke up before me. THE EXCUSE: It was FOUR in the morning. THE EXPLANATION: “Santa hasn’t come yet. Go back to bed!” 


9. THE OFFENSE: Forgetting to wrap one of the presents.  THE EXCUSE: Caleb’s birthday is three weeks after Christmas. I had to ration some of the gifts. THE EXPLANATION: “Wow! Isn’t that magical? That gift just appeared. Santa must have left the very last surprise gift for you unwrapped in my room since you were extra good this year.” 


10. THE OFFENSE: Lots of Amazon packages arriving that I won’t let Caleb open. THE EXCUSE: Who needs a store? Way easier. THE MOST RIDICULOUS AND NON-REASONABLE EXPLANATION BUT THE BEST I COULD COME UP WITH: “It says our name on the package but I think the Amazon delivery man is confused. We didn’t really order this. Must be the neighbors who lived here before us. I’ll send it back tomorrow while you are at school.”


11. THE OFFENSE: We haven’t gone to “see” Santa Claus this year. THE EXCUSE: It’s on the To Do List. THE EXPLANATION: “Santa knows what you want. Santa is always watching!”


12. (Admittedly the worst one of them all) THE OFFENSE: The time I left the majority of the presents in the garage. In plain sight. THE EXCUSE: Late shopping. Left them in the garage for just ONE night. THE EXPLANATION: “Oh! Wow. Santa decided he needed to store some of these in the garage. Don’t look; otherwise, I have to ship them back!”


So, my fellow moms, I have to ask: Is there a time to “break the news” about Santa as your child gets older? Or just wait it out; get caught without an excuse and use it as the moment of truth?


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  1. Dallas December 23, 2017 at 6:43 pm #

    Love it!