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Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas for the Procrastinator Mom

We all have that Pinterest-loving friend  that goes all out with their Elf on the Shelf. Have you seen the one where the elf is sitting in a boat while fishing in a sink full of marshmallows? Or what about the elf that has a razor in its hand in a bathroom that has shaving cream smeared everywhere? And my personal favorite, the elf that hides so well he has to leave several clues around the house as to where he is. Because we all have the time to create a scavenger hunt and send our kids on a mission throughout the house to find him. Basically, what I’m saying is, I am here for any and all easy Elf on the Shelf ideas!

I admire the creativity and effort that goes into some people’s elf game, but this momma ain’t cut out for that. I don’t think about moving our elf until 9pm and that’s only because I’ve set up a nightly reminder to go off on my phone. Then I dramatically exhale (with an added eye roll), take a quick look around the room, and take all of about a minute to find him a new spot.

And do you know what? My kids still love searching for him each morning and this popular tradition has the same effect on them that it does on the kids with the awesome moms that go all out. They still believe he flies off to Santa each night to report on their behavior and that he comes back to a new spot each day. Now they aren’t aware that some elves come back and sit in a pool of syrup, but what they don’t know won’t kill their holiday spirit! I’ve compiled a list of easy Elf on the Shelf ideas to keep you going, just in case you’re also looking for a few simple and quick ways to get through the elf this season!

Simply Move Him from One Spot to Another

Why does he have to be entangled in some sticky food ensemble or create a mess of some sort in your home? Simply pick him up from where he was on the dining table and move him to your mantle and call it a night.

Have Him Bring a Christmas Treat

If you have some candy canes or Christmas cookies, set them out around the elf on the kitchen counter and your kids will think he brought the special treat!

Toss Some Marshmallows Around Him

When in doubt, place your elf on the counter and sprinkle some marshmallows around him. Easy, cute, and sure to bring the giggles out of your little ones.

Stick Him in Your Tree

We use the tree at least once a week as the elf’s hiding place! Have him sit on a branch one time. Hang him upside down from the tree topper. Intertwine him with your tree lights. Hug him around an ornament. The tree is clutch as an elf prop!

Hide Him in Your Kitchen

There are so many areas in the kitchen to hide your elf. Trap him behind a cabinet with glass. Put him head first in the sugar bowl. Have him peek into your cookie jar. It IS possible to hide him in the kitchen without having to bring out the syrup or make a huge mess.

Have Him Play with Your Kid’s Favorite Toy

How fun for your kiddo to see their elf playing with their favorite toy! Have him take a ride in a favorite truck. Place him in the dollhouse. Set your elf on a desk in front of a Christmas book. Camouflage him with their stuffed animals. Put a crayon in his hand and pretend he’s colored in one of their coloring books. Seeing their elf playing with their toys will be so silly and fun for them!

I realize that some moms find joy in creating a ‘scene’ for their elf each night, and I can appreciate that. But if you’re a procrastinator mom like me, know that you can still be fun and creative during the elf season without breaking out the syrup or staying up all night! Happy elf-ing, mommas!



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One Response to Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas for the Procrastinator Mom

  1. Sarah
    Sarah December 11, 2017 at 7:27 am #

    We have lucked out so far- my girls are so little just moving the elf from one point to another is really exciting for them! I’m sure it will get a lot tougher when they get older!