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Children’s Learning Adventure: You’re Invited This Weekend!

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Do we all know about STEAM at this point? Science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics. Basically, areas of study American kids need to focus on but don’t (according to everything I’ve ever read). I don’t think I’m alone in wanting my kids, especially my daughter, to grow up with a competency and hopefully a vested interest in STEAM subjects (everything else I’ve ever read tells me we need more female engineers!). 

This Saturday, July 15, all Children’s Learning Adventure locations will hold a Sneak Peek open house from 10am to 1pm, so we can check out their Fall 2017 programs, all of which are STEAM-focused. That’s exactly what we need! Experts say!Children's Learning Adventure Fall 2017If you aren’t familiar, and I can’t believe I wasn’t, Children’s Learning Adventure is a family-owned industry leader in early childhood education. They have programs for kids aged 6 weeks to 12 years, which includes infant and toddler daycare; preschool and pre-K; Kindergarten; an after school program; and even extracurricular classes in all sorts of fun categories.

You guys, this is the kind of thing you need to take a moment to consider. Education is a big deal and is stressful. Childcare is a big deal and is stressful. Children’s Learning Adventure gives you childcare plus a stimulating educational environment that focuses on STEAM-based learning. Talk about something we can definitely get behind.

Let’s just enlarge those pics so we can check out their amazing space.

Children's Learning Adventure Fall 2017How awesome is this? My favorite part is that they combine STEAM subjects with their real world applications. So, for example, kids learn about the laws of motion in their homeroom and then go apply those concepts in the science center or on the basketball court.

The Sneak Peek this Saturday is for parents and children, particularly preschoolers and elementary ages. All the specialty rooms will be open, so kids can get a real feel for the kind of activites they’ll get to do every day. When you see how into they are and how top-notch educational everything is, you’ll be sold. If you are a working parent or just looking for extra enrichment for your little ones, you definitely need to RSVP below and come see what’s cooking at Children’s Learning Adventure. 

After School Kids Sneak Peek Registration

Preschoolers Sneak Peek Registration


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