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5 Ways to Teach Kids to Recycle

Earth Day is right around the corner (April 22nd) and what better way to celebrate than to teach your kids how to take care of our beautiful planet!  Here are five ways you can teach your kids how to recycle and have fun at the same time. 

#1 – Use boxes or bins and make a few recycle bins. Have the kids decorate them and label them plastic, cans, paper, etc. Get them involved in separating items by playing a game. Have them do a relay race to see who can get all the recyclable items in the correct bins the quickest. 

#2 If your kids are anything like mine they love to watch the “trash/recycle man” come and empty our bins every week. The guys driving the trucks love it when the kids are out there waving at them. They have even gotten out of the truck to talk with the kids. They answered their questions but also encouraged us to visit the recycle facility in our area. We haven’t done this yet, but what a cool thing to do to learn where all the recyclables go after they get picked up. 

#3Go visit your local park and bring gloves and a trash bag to pick up the trash. Explain to the kids how leaving trash on the ground can be harmful to the wildlife if they eat it. At home have the kids separate it into the bins. 

#4 – There are some fun websites with online games that the kids can play to learn more about recycling. Here is a cute one from National Geographic.

#5 – Recycling doesn’t have to be limited to the kitchen. Explore your house with the kids and make it a game to see if they can find other items that you can recycle or even repurpose. Click here to find out what can and can’t be recycled in Collin County.

While recycling is important, there are also a few other things you can teach your kids to do as well. You can compost, plant a tree, walk instead of drive or carpool, and save water by turning the water off while brushing your teeth and skipping bath night every once in a while….your kids will thank you! 

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