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CCMB’s Top Ten Most Popular Posts of 2017

2017 Top Ten Posts Popular Favorite

Here we are, sitting by [footage of] a crackling fire [on Netflix], winding down the final days of 2017 with that time-honored Internet tradition we’ve all come to know and love: the year-end top 10 list. 
If you’re anything like me, managing the well-being of multiple people besides myself doesn’t leave a lot of brain space for remembering all the things I read online. So let’s take a little break and revisit some of the CCMB posts that struck a chord this year.
From thought-provoking to practical, one thing I love about all these posts is how helpful they are: money-saving, sanity-saving, marriage-saving…these things matter, and it’s so great to have a space where moms can connect and share and learn from each other. We can’t wait for more in 2018. Thank you so much for being a part of our CCMB community. Happy New Year, everyone!

1. Dear Husband, I’m Not the Woman You Married by Katie Wells

“Eight years, 4 moves, 3 job changes, motherhood, and wifehood have changed me…” 
An honest assessment of how life changes you, particularly once you become a mom. I think we’ve all had at least a few of these thoughts about our own situations. Don’t worry, it’s not doom and gloom!

2. Five Unique Playgrounds in Collin County by Alice Robison

Zip lines, a giant rocket ship, a pirate’s cove…these are not your run-of-the-mill cookie cutter playgrounds. Don’t miss the comments section for even more cool spots to visit.


3. I Got The “Mom Cut” And Never Looked Back by Sarah Crilley

I’m a sucker for any kind of before/after photos, and Sarah’s do not disappoint. Plus, she gives you 15 reasons why you, too, should consider a big chop. Nothing like a dramatic haircut to get you out of a rut or spice up your day-to-day.

4. A Guide to Kids Eat Free in Collin County by Heather Jones

I’m thinking about those nights I really don’t want to cook, but the thought of adding an extra $20+ to the bill for food my kids may or may not even eat is such a bummer, if not a total dealbreaker. This is news we can use!

5. Weekend Getaway: Girls Trip to Fredericksburg by Alice Robison

Alice steps in as our travel agent, doing all the work to plan a weekend getaway in the Hill Country: where to stay, where to eat, all kinds of activities in the area, and more. Perfect for recharging with girlfriends, a romantic weekend away, or even a fun family trip. 

10 things every mom needs in her vehicle6. 10 Things Every Mom Needs in Her Vehicle by Vanessa Sias

Would that we were all as prepared and organized as Vanessa. There are some super smart ideas in here that will save your sanity and save your car from becoming a total trash pit.
Moms of all boys (HEYYY!!) there’s a bonus item at the very end.

7. 5 Fun Toys to Encourage Outdoor Play by Lisbeth Van Daalen

“It’s so important to me as a mother that my little guy learns to play by himself, explore freely without input from mommy, and has an adventurous little spirit. I’m also lazy (honestly) and don’t want to entertain him every second.”
I feel ya, girl. Lisbeth links to her favorite outdoor toys for toddlers in this one. Yay for limiting screen time!

8. When Love Isn’t Enough: 4 Things Every Couple Should Be in Order to Survive Parenthood by Amanda Krahel

“Will we survive the ride and come out as strong as the days when we were consumed by the excitement and anticipation of one another and our future? Our seat belts are fastened, we’ve taken off, we’ve been through some loops, but are we still holding hands?”

9. Free and Cheap Activities for Collin County Moms by Heather Jones

This and “kids eat free” in the top ten? Y’all are thrifty mamas after my own heart. Heather rounds up some of her go-to budget-friendly ways to keep little ones busy both at home and out on the town. 

10. Change Your Color: A Teacher’s Perspective on the Behavior Chart by Jessica Grubb

“I was more apprehensive about implementing and maintaining a classroom management plan than I was about teaching a room full of six-year-olds to read…”
It is fascinating to me how teachers maintain control in a classroom full of wiggly kids. Jessica explores her experience with using a color chart and ties it into how our behavior as adults might be impacted by having a color chart of our own.

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