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Positive Back-to-School Traditions to Ensure a Peaceful First Day

Fall wardrobes have been purchased and the first day of school outfits are neatly organized, ironed (yeah right), and color-coordinated in proper sibling fashion. They might as well be stepping off the pages of a Mini Boden catalog. But here are a few things that aren’t as obvious as new clothing and fresh school supplies to […]

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Children's Courtyard - HET

The Children’s Courtyard: Providing the Key Ingredients for Happy, Healthy Children

This post has been sponsored by The Children’s Courtyard. All opinions are 100% my own!Let me try not to bore you, but I did a mini-study once while working on my degree in Family Studies to understand the difference between two very similar ethnic groups in the United States, but with very different adult outcomes […]

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8 Tips to Impress Your Kid’s Teacher This Fall

Teachers aren’t too hard to please. We are excited about the beginning of the school year. We’ll miss our family and our time relaxing, but we’re feeling all the emotions your kids are. We’re anxious, feeling charged, and bursting with ideas. We’ve made a million things off Pinterest, we’ve convinced our significant others to let us finally redecorate […]

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CCMB Readers' Choice (1)

Favorite Historic & Educational Spots in Collin County: Readers’ Choice

Welcome to the latest edition of our reader recommendations series, this time with an educational twist. Today we’ll find out where our fellow readers like to go for family-friendly fun with a side of learning. Check out the best historical and educational spots in Collin County! And if you missed it, check out all previous CCMB […]

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A Lego Champ and Math Solver!

Learning Math with Legos

Legos are a big hit in our house and let’s just say…math has not been as popular. My 8-year-old, Caleb, spends hours creating and building Legos. That’s why creating math problems out of Legos have been the perfect way to squeeze in extra math time! How to Create Fun and Easy Math Problems with Legos […]

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