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A Lego Champ and Math Solver!

Learning Math with Legos

Legos are a big hit in our house and let’s just say…math has not been as popular. My 8-year-old, Caleb, spends hours creating and building Legos. That’s why creating math problems out of Legos have been the perfect way to squeeze in extra math time! How to Create Fun and Easy Math Problems with Legos […]

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An era has ended

Toys R Us is History

  I had mixed feelings as I strolled through what is the end of an era as we all know it. The Mother of All Toy Stores, Toys R Us, is closing. I remember hearing months ago Toys R Us was going out of business and was immediately in shock and disbelief. Did anyone see this […]

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My Best Tips on Cooking with Kids

My first cooking expectations were something out of a magazine, but I quickly realized cooking with your kid is ALL about the learning opportunity. The more you do it, the easier it will get, I promise. The older Caleb gets, the more excited I am to getting him in the kitchen with me!  Here are my TOP […]

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Mommy VS The Kitchen

Mommy vs. The Kitchen

  It was never supposed to be a battle. is. This may seem like a rant. But, ahem..The Kitchen gives no mercy.   Do you ever feel this way? I spend more than enough time in the kitchen since it is the home of  The Coffee Pot (which happens to be the biggest cheerleader I […]

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