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Mommy VS The Kitchen

Mommy vs. The Kitchen

  It was never supposed to be a battle. is. This may seem like a rant. But, ahem..The Kitchen gives no mercy.   Do you ever feel this way? I spend more than enough time in the kitchen since it is the home of  The Coffee Pot (which happens to be the biggest cheerleader I […]

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I Didn’t Have Netflix When I Was Your Age

I can’t count how many times I have reminded my seven (almost eight) year old to turn off the TV when he is done watching it. Countless. Actually, I feel like a broken record on many occasions. Warnings on this particular offense ranged from early bedtime to no playing with friends after school until finally […]

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The Laughing Lunch Box

The Laughing Lunch Box

Caleb was “the new kid” in school this year as he entered second grade, so I wanted to give him that extra little smile on the first week of school. After some thinking about it, I came up with a silly surprise for his lunch box…and it’s actually something that was such a hit in […]

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