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Cooking, with kids.

There are few things I look forward to less than coming home from a long day at work and having to make dinner. To paint a picture of just how much I dislike it, let me walk you through my day yesterday (which, except for the barf, is a typical day, but you could easily […]

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Our Diaper Bag Must-Haves!

Kelsey and I have rounded up our absolute must-haves when it comes to toting two tots around. My diaper bag has definitely been pared down after having #2. If you’ve ever seen this Luvs commercial about first kid vs. second kid, yep, it’s totally like that. I literally have the same trial sized sanitizer that […]

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On Losing a Loved One

This was not the post I was supposed to write. This was supposed to be a post about holiday baking with kids, spending time with friends, finding peace during the chaos of the holiday season. But not this. This week I lost a loved one. I lost my Grandpa. My children lost a Great-Grandpa, whom […]

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10 Travel Tips & Tricks

Recently, we packed up the two kids – aged four and six months – and headed to Chicago for my aunt’s wedding. If I didn’t love my aunt so much, we would not have even attempted to make this trip! As the season of crazy holiday travel approaches, I am sharing with you a few […]

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