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Do You Have a Cleaning Day?

I know a lot of people have a freezer cooking day and a shopping day and a craft/project day. But what about a cleaning day? With Spring Cleaning season just behind us, taking a look at your weekly schedule and how you go about cleaning is a good idea. Over the years I’ve gone through […]

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Your Parenting Choices are OK!

Sometimes we just need to hear this, so I’m going to say it! Your parenting choices are OK! In parenting there are a million choices we make every day and in every stage. Each choice is made for a reason and to accommodate your child. You may make choices for one child that you don’t […]

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You Need Mom Friends!

Being a mom can be lonely.  There are so many aspects of life that are different from those who are around you. If you take on the majority of the care and feeding for your children, then you are likely keeping mental track of many things that your husband is not. For instance, what your children have […]

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When Things Don’t Go As Planned

It was the first meal I was hosting at my new home. We had moved two weeks before and things were still a little messy. Boxes still needing to be unpacked, renovation projects still in progress, but I was embracing life and the mess and wanting to open the doors to the outside world! This […]

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Foster to Adoption: Our Journey So Far

Adoption. Big word with lots of attachments. When I googled ‘adoption’ today I got 296,000,000 results. That’s about how it felt when we started on our adoption journey. Overwhelming, confusing, and a bit exciting! Here’s a breakdown of the beginning steps we went through, in case you are considering the same journey. 1. Find your why – Especially when the […]

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