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Star Wars: More Than A Movie

Disclaimer: this post is nerdy and sappy. So, prepare your tissues, either from laughing or from understanding. Star Wars seems to be everywhere these day, and I’m not complaining. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t know what Star Wars was about. I do, however, remember when it was “just a movie.” I liked […]

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My 5 Mom Superhero Powers

Every woman expects to go through changes when becoming a mom. You plan for stretch marks, more frequent bathroom breaks, and sleepless nights. There is no questioning that motherhood transforms you into an entirely different person. What I was not expecting were the superhero powers that are granted to me during pregnancy and into motherhood. […]

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5 Ways to Prep Your House For Vacation

I am an over-thinker, planner, mildly OCD, control freak. So, when we started kicking around the idea of possibly taking a trip back home to Oregon, I immediately started making my normal plethora of lists. Any appointments we have between now and then, what to pack, who to remember to visit, things to do when […]

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Make a FUN Weight Loss Reward Chart

How many of us have made the resolution to lose weight this year? Pretty much everyone? That’s what I thought. Making a weight-loss goal is the bittersweet combination of excitement for what adventures await and the dread of doing said activities because of those extra pounds. But who says it has to be awful? You know all […]

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