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Gluten Free Restaurants Collin County

A Guide to Gluten Free Restaurants in Collin County

If you are trying to avoid gluten, eating out can be tough. Typically, your choices are limited (salad anyone?), or you’re worried about cross contamination. However, as education increases on the benefits of a gluten free diet, more and more restaurants are trying to accommodate. Whether you’re celiac, gluten sensitive, or just prefer to eat […]

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Different Love Languages

Does Your Marriage Have A Love Language Barrier?

My husband and I are the epitome of “opposites attract.” He’s an extrovert and I’m an introvert. He’s an early riser and I’m a night owl. He loves anything salty and I love anything sweet. And while these differences have been challenging at times, one difference that has proven tougher than the rest, is the […]

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Vision Board - Collin County Moms Blog

Keep Your Resolution, Make a Vision Board

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Maybe your list contains items like losing weight, getting fit, saving money, being more organized, or spending more time with family and friends. Whatever is on your list, unfortunately you will more than likely fail at keeping those resolutions. Sorry for the harsh reality, but most statistics […]

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navigating motherhood introvert

Navigating Motherhood as an Introvert

Do you leave social events feeling drained? Do you enjoy solitude and recharge when you’re alone? Do you prefer a small group of close friends over a large social circle? Then you might be an introvert. As an introvert myself, I tend to be most at peace when I’m alone with a good book. I […]

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