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Ditching My Mom Bod with 20 Minute Workouts

MOM BOD (noun) :: A body typical of a woman who has had a child or children and isn’t super fit.

Yep, sounds about right!

Although I lead an active lifestyle; meaning I exercise on a regular basis, I definitely fall into the “mom bod” category. Before kids, I had a respectable physique, but two kids and two c-sections later, and I’ve earned myself a platinum membership into the Mom Bod Club. Then you have my vices. Coffee. Wine. All the food. Coffee. More wine. Get the picture? Mom Bod + Vices = intervention necessary!

I recently had the opportunity to go through the Utopia Food & Fitness program at the Plano location. In a nutshell, you eat their fresh chef-prepared meals and work out twice a week with their trainers for 6 weeks. I was really excited to start the program, but when I heard I could only have ONE cup of coffee per day and ZERO alcohol for six weeks I had to give myself another mental pep talk. 

I decided I was up for the challenge, and we took my beginning measurements. I completed my first 20-minute workout and was sent home with four days worth of food.

Let’s Talk About the Food . . .

I was pretty nervous about this part. I am the type that has a very hard time limiting the type of food I eat, and if the food isn’t good/satisfying then you can forget it.

The food was actually great though! Honestly!

I looked forward to eating many of the meals, and the bonus was the meals were a lot more exciting than the toddler leftovers I’m used to eating. A few of my favorite meals were the Sweet Potato Pancakes with Strawberry Compote, the Bunless Burger with sweet potato fries, and the Naked Chicken Verde Enchiladas. 

Going Beyond the Plan & What I’ve Learned

There are two things I learned at Utopia that I’m still incorporating into my daily life. One is after each meal you’re looking to feel “flat belly full.” Recognizing when you’re “flat belly full” is your body’s natural portion control. I was definitely guilty of overeating at mealtimes so recognizing when I’m “flat belly full” has helped me continue to keep my portions in check.

The second thing I learned is often when you THINK you’re hungry it’s actually your body telling you it’s dehydrated. Now instead of immediately grabbing a snack when I feel hungry, I will try a glass of water first to see if hunger goes away. My water bottle and I were (and still are) BFF’s for those 6 weeks. 

Each week the program got easier and easier to follow, and the motivation of making sure the scale moved in a downward direction at each weigh in kept me on track and focused.

I even looked forward to the workouts because they were very challenging, but only lasted 20 minutes so it was over before I knew it. The 20-minute timeframe also made it super easy to fit into a busy schedule.  Each week I had more energy to chase my kids, I was sleeping better, and best of all…my clothes fit better!

Now for the important stuff, my results! I am happy to report after Utopia’s 6-week program I lost 15 pounds and 26.8 inches over my entire body!

I was very pleased because not only did I meet my 15-pound weight loss goal, but I felt SO much better! Going through the program at Utopia was definitely the reset I needed. I would HIGHLY recommend the program to anyone looking for a weight loss option that actually works, and gives you tools to continue to be successful after you complete the program.  I would still say I’m in the “Mom Bod” Club, but now I have the jump start I needed to see my pre-baby bod goals are actually attainable.

For more information on how Utopia Food & Fitness can help you meet your weight loss and fitness goals, you can visit their website at, or at any of their 3 area locations. 


Utopia Plano
5805 Preston Rd, Suite #594, 75093
(972) 781-1888

Utopia Dallas
11909 Preston Rd, Suite #1486, 75230
(972) 674-1888

Utopia Southlake
2777 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite C-130, 76092
(817) 329-1888

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