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TUPPS :: A McKinney Brewery with a Heart the Size of Texas

Collin County Moms Blog is partnering with Tupps Brewery for an upcoming event and wants to introduce our readers to the family-friendly side of the brewery in McKinney. All opinions are 100% our own!

When it comes to family-friendly activities, typically a brewery isn’t the first-thing to come to mind, but Tupps Brewery changes the game. This nonchalant building with an old Texas feel, tucked behind the historic Cotton Mill is rooted in the community and bursts with the old-timey feelings of the past when things were slow and life was not as complicated.

While I’m fairly certain any warm-blooded American would enjoy Tupps, there are three types of people who will really fit right in.

1) People Who Like Beer.

The first time I visited Tupps, I had the privilege of going on a brewery tour with the owner and my main takeaway was that this man is incredibly proud of his family and of his beer. And he has lots of fun talking about it!

Tupps is family owned and operated and has that sense of ownership that bleeds into every part of the operation. They believe that making beer is a blend of art and science, and while I can’t begin to recall all the steps that went into making the beer (truly scientific), it was obvious there was a lot of heart and ingenuity. Almost all of their equipment, materials, and supplies are locally sourced; adding to the appeal and authenticity.

Interested in learning more about this fascinating process? They have free brewery tours every Saturday afternoon at 12:30 PM.

2. People Who Like People.

Community pulses through this place and you can’t help but make a friend or two while you are there. Though the venue is incredibly large at 15,000 square feet, it feels relaxed and inviting. The spacious open floor plan spills into an outdoor patio with more seating and open air for kids to run around and dogs to explore. The giant jenga, lego table, and large round spindle tables all contribute to the feeling of fellowship.


3. People Who Like Fun.

Perfect for an afternoon with the family, a group outing with friends, or to come and make new friends, there are constantly fun events on the calendar giving you a reason to come back. They have live music, food trucks, barbecues, art shows, and beer yoga.

On May 6th, Tupps will be celebrating their Two Year Anniversary in the community and this sounds like a bash you do NOT want to miss!

>> Register here. << 

Bring your kids, bring your dog, bring your friends, or just go and make some new ones.

Tupps may only be two years old, but they are quickly becoming an institution. If you find yourself in any of the categories above, head on over*, drink a beer, and sit back and relax with some like-minded people at Tupps Brewery.

For more information on their schedule, visit their website and be sure to follow them on social media for all the latest and greatest on upcoming events, where you can buy their beers, and more!


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Want to come out and try Tupps Brewery while meeting new friends? Join Collin County Moms Blog on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 for Mommy Speed Dating: A Unique Way to Find Your New Mommy BFF! Tupps Brewery will host our readers for a fun and incredible Moms Night Out event. Get details on our Facebook Page here.


*Of course, Collin County Moms Blog & Tupps Brewery remind you to consume alcohol safely — especially when vehicles and your family members are involved. 

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