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Do You Have a Cleaning Day?

I know a lot of people have a freezer cooking day and a shopping day and a craft/project day. But what about a cleaning day? With Spring Cleaning season just behind us, taking a look at your weekly schedule and how you go about cleaning is a good idea. Over the years I’ve gone through […]

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CCMB Readers' Choice

Favorite Happy Hour Spots in Collin County: Readers’ Choice

Annnnd we’re back with the second installment of our new Collin County Readers’ Choice series, where YOU weigh in with your favorites. Last time we did local movie theaters, and this month you shared your go-to happy hour spots. Let’s get right to the results, because y’all had a lot of recommendations. By the way, […]

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Healthy Skin - Collin County Moms Blog

3 Things to Do NOW for Younger, Healthier Skin

Every drugstore in America today showcases aisle upon aisle of thickly stocked, budget-friendly skincare options. Head into any department store and you’ll find the same, albeit with sleeker packaging, higher prices, and prettier salespeople. Then account for the fact that half your friends are currently trying to sell you the latest and greatest multi-level marketing […]

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Millennial Baby (Mama): The Second Trimester

We’re excited to partner with writer Amy Roth, age 28, as she documents her thoughts and emotions throughout her first pregnancy as an expectant “Millennial” mom. This is her second post in the series. You can find her post on the first trimester here! The Millennial baby mama has made it through the second trimester! […]

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An era has ended

Toys R Us is History

  I had mixed feelings as I strolled through what is the end of an era as we all know it. The Mother of All Toy Stores, Toys R Us, is closing. I remember hearing months ago Toys R Us was going out of business and was immediately in shock and disbelief. Did anyone see this […]

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