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The Tiny Humans with Big Feelings Book List

I’m 31 years old and I have bad days. You know those days; the ones that are so emotionally draining that you have to dig deep, pray, and cope. It’s taken 31 years. When I became a mother, I realized my son had these days, too. Usually without words, children rely on their cries, outbursts, noises, […]

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Family Picture during our trip to Shanghai in February

Raising a bilingual child

Everyone has something they regret during their childhood. Whether it was not being nicer to a sibling or not trying out for a certain sport, we all regret something in our past. My regret was not being fully bilingual. I grew up semi-bilingual because my parents would speak to me in Chinese with English blended […]

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9 Tips & Tricks for Sleep-Deprived Parents

To the sleep-deprived mom who can’t see the light: I’m living proof that newborn night feedings and pump schedules will, in fact, come to an anticlimactic end. Sleep deprivation can ruin a psyche. It can ruin a marriage. It brings out the worst. Quite frankly, it can dredge up feelings of incompetence, inadequacy, sadness, and hopelessness. […]

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Small Things, Great Love.

A quote to get you through today.    Do small things with great love.  -Mother Teresa  My babies are beautiful. At times they take my breath away and other times they make me go into my room and scream into a fluffy pillow.    When the little one hasn’t napped or our eldest hasn’t slept through […]

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With love, the SAHM

Dear Husband, I see what you’re doing. I see your 13 hour days away from us. I see how your whole body sinks into the bed at night because you’ve been carrying the weight of our family on your shoulders. I hear your alarm go off in the wee hours of the morning. I notice […]

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