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By: Sarah Crilley

Let Your Kid Paint Their Room

Let Your Kid Paint Their Room I love all the amazing drawings and art projects my son creates. Caleb has filled our home wall-to-wall with exciting pictures over the years and I love every single one of them. But nothing compares to the GIANT floor to ceiling picture he has painted in his room. I admit, it was a long […]

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DIY Valentines

5 DIY Valentines for Kids (sans candy)

I wasn’t always the mom who DIY’d everything in sight; then Pinterest entered my life.  It turned my world (and craft room, desk top, kitchen counter, garage- etc. upside down). I’m recovering, but have the occasional lapse.   —–>Cue Valentine’s Day<—–   I’m not the mom who’s super strict with the candy intake (ignore what my […]

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