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Unspoken Mom Rules

Unspoken Mom Rules

I’ve been a mom for almost 9 years. Over the years I’ve silently gleaned from older and wiser moms and have adopted their silent code of conduct.  The moms in the know abide by the same rules and they live peacefully among each other.  But these rules have never been spoken out loud. You either know […]

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10 Things I HATE about being a mom - Collin County Moms Blog

10 Things I HATE About Being A Mom

First, I love being a mom. I love my children; I worked really hard to raise them from helpless infant to the (almost) self-sufficient kids they are today.  With that being said . . . I don’t enjoy all the tasks of motherhood. After having this discussion with a group of friends, we came up […]

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Collin County Moms Blog - Tips for a Successful Morning

Mom Tips :: A Successful Morning Routine

I am an early-rising morning person. I haven’t always been an early riser but since having kids I’ve learned a few things about myself- I need time alone, my soul needs to wake before my family, I need coffee before I can answer any questions, I can’t relax unless my environment is stress free and […]

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tender headed hair tips

Tips for your Tender-Headed Child

  Like many new parents, my husband and I dreamed of what qualities our baby would inherit from us. Obviously, she would have my curls and his thick hair. My long legs + his long torso. His eyes and my smile. My creativity and his attention to detail. The poor kid would need braces since […]

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Guide to a Tollway Flat Tire.

  Thump… Thump… Thump… Thump… That is the noise I heard as I drove north towards my house on the Dallas North Tollway. My son and I had just finished a fun afternoon of “Mama and Henry Day” at the Village Depot in Allen, we were both tired and ready to be home to greet […]

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Sweet & Savory Holiday Breakfast Recipes

It’s Holiday Season!  With all the hustle and bustle of the season, I wanted to make sure that you were remembering to eat well! I’m sharing two tried and true breakfast recipes passed all the way down from my mama! And THEY ARE EASY!!! Not only are they quick and simple to make but they […]

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